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Beautiful...Fresh...Delicious Food ...Popping with Pizzazz!

So what is it that sets the catering and event design of Canopy Rose apart from other Tallahassee area caterers? Is it passion, culinary creativity, extraordinary experience? What is that special something that makes Canopy Rose Catering stand head and shoulders above the crowd of caterers? We cordially invite you to scroll, scroll, scroll through all our deliciousness and taste our fabulousness for yourself.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tie The Knot In Style With A Canopy Rose Wedding Reception

At Canopy Rose we are always cooking up lots of fun ideas for your Tallahassee Wedding Reception. Here are a few of the favorite hot trends we've spotted for 2008 and 2009 Weddings.

A Taste of The South Pacific
With the South Pacific as one of the hot honeymoon destinations of many brides and grooms, we turn to the flavors of Tahiti and Bora Bora for inspiration!

A Taste of The Mediterranean
Sicily, Tuscany, The Greek Islands and other romantic hotspots of the Mediterranean serve as the inspiration for this wedding reception of little bites.

Champagne Tasting Bars
You purchase the champagne and we will set up a gorgeous champagne bar for you with a dazzling selection of mixers for your guests to create their very own signature cocktails.

Latin Cuisine With The Popular Mojito
Latin Cuisine is a hot, hot, hot trend. Pair your celebration with a signature cocktail like Mango Mojitos and your event will be very au courant! Mojitos are a very "in" cocktail.

Old World Opulence and Grandeur
As little girls, many of us dreamed of a Marie Antoinette-Style of French Opulence for our wedding day. From gilded place settings to dramatic buffet centerpieces over elegant ivory brocade linen table dressings. Big parlor ferns, candleabras, fabulous flowers, candles and peacock feathers add the high drama.

Eco-Chic: A Gorgeously Green Wedding Reception
Every last bite of this reception pays homage to being a good steward of the environment. The menu features organic, locally grown foods, a smoothie bar and a fabulous Back-To Eden Garden Party ambiance.

Action Food Stations With Chef Attendants
These are very popular, very exciting and quite entertaining! Lots of brides are opting for more of a swanky cocktail wedding reception with fun action food stations, rather than the traditional plated dinner or dinner buffet. Culinary entertainment is very hot!

While the mashed potato martini bars are considered fashionably "out-of style" these days in the big cosmopolitan cities, we are still happy to provide this station for our Tallahassee area weddings since brides here still love them! At Canopy Rose we have often tweaked the concept and used cheese grits or risotto in place of the mashed potatoes.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the food at your wedding reception, should be based on what you want. Trends are fun to watch and be aware of BUT they are not the final word! A word of caution: It can be easy to lose track of what is really important if you get too centered on creating the perfect wedding. Stay focused on the celebration of love that you will be sharing with your family and friends and the new life you and your fiancee are embarking on together. The wedding feast is one day, but your marriage will be for eternity!

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Banquet Packages Menu at Canopy Rose Website

Canopy Rose, a premier Tallahassee area catering and special event company has posted several of their banquet packages on their website at

The banquet packages are designed to fit a wide range of budgets. We have clients who have budgets of as small as $10.00 per person, to clients with budgets in access of $100.00 per person to spend on the food portion of the banquet bill.

The person or organization with the limited budget still gets a delicious meal, naturally it is just much more limited in the variety of dishes presented to the guests. But it is still a very delicious meal that will delight!

For those that want to indulge their guests, Canopy Rose has extraordinary options! We are always happy to custom-design a special menu for an event.

The packages are a guide and there is plenty of room for flexibility. The possibilities are as unlimited as one's imagination.

The Canopy Rose Dinner Banquet Packages (Any of our packages can be themed with an international, ethnic, eclectic or regional twist. Greek, Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish, French, Scandinavian, Irish, German, Russian, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, African, Indian, Thai, South American, Mexican, Cuban, Southern, Western, Alaskan or Hawaiian are just a few of the possibilities we offer for personalizing your menu.)

So pick your package and then we will work with you to design the perfect menu for your group.

10.00 Per Person / 125 person min.
1 Salad
1 Pasta Banquet Entree
1 Bread

15.00 Per Person / 125 person min.
1 Salad
1 Pasta Banquet Entree
1 Bread
1 Dessert

20.00 Per Person / 125 person min.
1 Salad
1 Chicken Banquet Entree
1 Vegetable
1 Bread
1 Dessert

25.00 Per Person / 125 person min.
1 Salad
1 Chicken Banquet Entree
2 Banquet Side Dishes
1 Bread
1 Dessert

30.00 Per Person / 125 person min.
2 Salads
1 Chicken, Beef or Pork Banquet Entree
2 Banquet Side Dishes
1 Bread
1 Dessert

35.00 Per Person / 125 person min.
1 Salad
1 Chicken Banquet Entree
1 Beef or Pork Banquet Entree
1 Bread
1 Dessert

40.00 Per Person /125 person min.
1 Salad
1 Chicken or Fish Banquet Entree
1 Beef or Pork Banquet Entree
1 Pasta Station
1 Bread
1 Dessert

45.00 Per Person / 125 person min.
1 Salad & Vegetable Station
1 Gourmet Mashed Potato Station
1 Mixed Grilled Meat Station
1 Bread Station
1 Ice Cream Sundae Station

50.00 Per Person / 125 person min.
1 Gourmet Salad Station
1 Surf and Turf Station
1 Vegetable Station
1 Potato Bar Station
1 Gourmet Cheesecake Station

75.00 Per Person / 125 person min.
1 Cascading Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Display
Iced Shrimp Station
1 Gourmet Salad Station
1 Vegetable Station
Choice of Potato or Pasta Station
1 Surf and Turf Station
Gourmet Dessert Station
Gourmet Coffee Station

100.00 Per Person / 125 person min.
1 Cascading Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Display
1 Tapas Bar Station
1 Seafood Station
1 Salad Station / Vegetable Station
1 Beef Tenderloin Station
Choice of Potato or Pasta Station
Death By Chocolate Station
Gourmet Coffee Station

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Catering In Tallahassee: Come Explore The Options With Us

So many exciting options to choose from! We will help you every step of the way! Are you shopping for a Tallahassee area caterer?

Whether you are in the market for the perfect caterer for your daughter's wedding reception, your son's rehearsal dinner, your bosses retirement party, your mom and dad's fiftieth anniversary, your husband's fortieth birthday party, your sister's college graduation party, your high school reunion or your company picnic - Canopy Rose, a fully licensed and insured Florida catering company would love to help you!

We have been servicing catering clients in the Tallahassee area since 1994 with delicious food and beautiful presentations.

You can learn more about this outstanding catering and special event firm at or give us a call at 850-539-7750.

Banquet Catering By Canopy Rose

Canopy Rose has been servicing clients throughout the Tallahassee area since 1994.

We enjoy working with each of our clients to achieve their ideal event by creating the atmosphere that each client wants.

Canopy Rose is flexible and open to any suggestion~ from the conventional to the exceptional, from the casual to the chic.

We are often called on to cater large breakfast, lunch and dinner banquets for important occasions. Some of these occasions have been:

Retirement Banquets

Awards Banquets

Church Banquets

FSU Fraternity/ Sorority Banquets

Sweetheart Banquets

Holiday Banquets

Social Banquets For Clubs & Organization

Charitable Black Tie Fundraising Banquets

The Canopy Rose catering menu and price list is available online at

Please keep in mind that we are always happy to custom-design a menu especially for you based on your food style preferences and budget.

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Company Picnics, Corporate Catering and Legislative Events

Looking for a top notch Tallahassee area caterer to cater the food and festivities for your company picnic, corporate office luncheon, Board of Directors meeting, annual holiday party or Florida Legislative Day On The Hill event?

Canopy Rose, a popular capital region caterer who is known for fabulous food and presentations has been catering V.I.P. Events around the Big Bend since 1994.

A partial list of where Canopy Rose has catered includes:

The Florida Governor's Mansion
The Florida Capitol
The Old Capitol
The Supreme Court
The Florida Bar
Many Florida Associations
Many Florida Legislators
Many Registered Florida Lobbyists
The City of Tallahassee
The Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce
Hundreds and hundreds of different companies, doctors offices and non profit organizations
Hundreds and hundreds of parties for private citizens
Weddings, Rehearsal Dinners, Anniversary Celebrations, Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, Company Picnics, Office Breakfasts, Office Luncheons and Office Dinners
Lunch and Learn Events
Box Lunches and much more!

Some of the venues we have catered at include:
The 22nd Floor of The Capitol
The Capitol Rotunda
The Old Capitol
The Capitol Courtyard
The Governor's Inn
Goodwood Plantation and Gardens
Dorothy B. Oven Park
Brokaw McDougal House
The Knott House
The Capital Marriott Courtyard
Maclay Gardens
Southwood House
Swan House
PebbleHill Plantation
and lots more!

The Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company menu with prices is available on the internet at
Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Throw Your Best Holiday Party Ever With A Little Help From Canopy Rose!

Are you planning a business or social holiday party this year? Looking for some great ideas, a delicious menu and a pricelist?

The Canopy Rose website is the place to visit to find all this and more! Open 24/7 for your browsing pleasure at

You will discover extensive listings for entrees, salads, side dishes, breads, desserts and appetizers with up-to-date prices. The website also lists reception packages that range from 10 to 50 dollars per person for food. The reception packages are perfect for weddings, open houses, grand openings, and legislative functions.

Another feature on the website is a listing of some of Canopy Rose's Fun and Festive Food Stations. Food Stations are very, very popular with guests and Canopy Rose's Food Stations are a fabulous part of the catering services we provide. Our stations are custom-designed for your event. In other words - ours are unique, they are not the same ole' party station we used at any other party we catered! Each station is fresh and exciting and designed to create the WOW FACTOR!

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Tallahassee Catering Menu with Prices: Taste The Culinary Expertise of Canopy Rose

Hunting for a Tallahassee Florida catering menu with prices? Canopy Rose, a regional catering company that has been catering weddings, parties, social, business and legislative events around the Big Bend since 1994, has posted several of the company's menus with a current pricelist on it's website at

We want to make shopping for catering as easy and stress-free as possible for our clients. This website gives visitors a good taste of the culinary expertise that Canopy Rose brings to the table.

One of the frequent comments that we hear is ..."WOW! Canopy Rose is so much more than a business, it is a passion!"

Very, very true!! Catering is our passion! Our objective is to delight you and your guests with delicious food that is beautifully presented with a style and pizzazz that is appropriate for the occasion.

We invite you to taste the wonderful and delicious world of Canopy Rose. You will be glad you did!

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Shopping For our 2008 Santa Claus For Catered Parties

December might still be three months away, but at Canopy Rose, the owner and event designer Kathi Dameron is busy, busy, busy gearing up for a fun 2008 holiday season.

One of the special treats that catering and special event clients of the popular Tallahassee - Havana, Florida based company will be able to opt for this year is ... THE CANOPY ROSE SANTA CLAUS!

Right now Kathi is shopping for her perfect Santas!

If you know someone who would make a great Santa... please share the following information with them and ask them to contact Kathi immediately!
Our Santa Ad As It Appeared In The Job Ads...

Outstanding pay for the right individual or individuals!

Canopy Rose, a favorite Tallahassee area catering and special event company is seeking Santa Claus for December Christmas Parties.

Interested applicants should begin by first visiting the Canopy Rose Catering website at to learn a bit about this company.

Then send a letter and resume to outlining your experience and a written explanation/ outline as to why you would be the best candidate for the position of Canopy Rose Santa.

Please also include:

1. Three references

2. A list of days and times that you are available during the month of December 2008 (We cater everything from Holiday Breakfasts & Luncheons At The Office during the work week to Saturday Evening Holiday Parties at local venues and private homes.)If you have limited availability please don't let that stop you from applying for this opportunity since we may need to contract with several Santas!

3. The type of package you can offer (the more creative the better! We would also be interested in a Mrs. Claus, Santa's Elves, Christmas Carolers and other Christmas characters that would contribute to adding the "WOW Factor" to our clients annual holiday celebrations.)

4. Your salary requirements / package cost
Please include ALL fees for your services and itemize what the client will

5. Your Santa photo with your permission for us to use it in our advertising and promotional purposes.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Theme Party Catering By Canopy Rose

Don't just throw the same ole', same ole' soiree - invite your guests to a dazzling evening of culinary entertainment!

For some fun ideas take a peak into the kaleidoscopic imagination of Canopy Rose owner and event designer, Kathi Dameron as she brainstorms a few possibilities for theme parties. All theme parties are custom designed. Our Event Design Proposal Packages begin at $150.00 and must be pre-paid. The package allows for two or more hours of Kathi's time for designing:

1. The Theme Title and Description

2. The Proposed Menu

3. The Proposed Event Set-Up

4. The Proposed Decor

5. The Proposed Stations

6. The Proposed Entertainment

If the client wants an investment analysis with prices to be included in the preliminary proposal, a minimum fee of $300.00 is required upfront.

The hourly rate for Canopy Rose Special Event Design Services is $75.00 per hour regardless of whether or not we coordinate and cater your party.

Theme Party Ideas From Canopy Rose:

A Taste of The Orient...

An Enchanted Evening...

Dinner and Dancing In The Barn...

A Tallahassee Political Salon...

A Taste of The Tropics...

A Taste of Provence...

A Taste of Sunny Marseille- Bouillabaisse and Aioli, Oh My!

A Taste of Nantucket...

A Taste of Plantation Cuisine

A Taste of Alaska...

Russian Rhapsody...

A Taste of Hungary...

A Taste of Viet Nam...

Country Romance...

A Taste of Venezuela...

A Taste of The Old World...

Bites From An Ancient Trade Route...

Vibrant Flavors of The Mediterranean...

A Taste of Morocco...

A Moon, A Moon, A Perfect Moon...

Body, Mind and Spirit...

The Pleasures of Peru...

In The Zone...


Song of The Sea- A 1940's Love Song Anniversary...

Love is in The Air- An Engagement Party...

The Magic and Mystique of _____________....

An Evening of Poetry, Candlelit Coffee Tasting, and Decadent Desserts...

Dance Till dawn By The Embers of The Fire...

The Pleaures of Persia...

Foods of Our Fathers

Flavors of The Bayou...

Dulce de Leche Dreams...

Coffee Harvest...


The Seafoods of Saint Tropez...

Around The World Bite-By-Bite...

Cinco de Mayo...

A Caribbean Luau...

An Evening of Culinary Entertainment...

Girls Night Out...

Om Namah Shivaya...

Flavors of The Forgotten Coast...

Flavors of Wonders Past...

Flavors of The Wild, Wild West...

Feast of The Roses...

A Taste of Europe...

Loaves and Fishes...

La Nueva Cocina...

Flavors of The French Bistro...

A Picasso Party...

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Treat The Staff To An Afternoon Snack Break From Canopy Rose

Did you know that Canopy Rose caters innovative afternoon breaks? These innovative stations are perfect for conferences, break out sessions, teacher work days or anytime that you want to treat the staff to a fabulous afternoon surprise!

Ice Cream Sundae Station

Iced Cappuccino and Warm Cookie Station

Power Bar Station ....

For ideas visit or call Kathi at 850-539-7750 to custom design the perfect station for your group.

Where to Find Homemade Gourmet, Ethnic or Old Fashioned Specialties In The Tallahassee Area

One of the great challenges I found when I settled in the state of Florida in 1983 was the limited availability of gourmet, ethnic or even wonderful hand-crafted old fashioned vintage cuisine like grandmother use to make.

I did find lots of Florida fried seafood.

Having lived in some of the great cosmopolitan centers of the world- New York City, Chicago, London and L.A. , my palate had been influenced in far-reaching and delicious ways.

I hungered for things such as Greek Dolmades, moussaka, and baklava - like I had often eaten in Chicago's Greek Town or the Indian Curry that was popular in London. During my year in New York City, my friends and I would head out to a different ethnic eatery or hip and trendy spot 4 to 5 nights a week. When we didn't venture away from our home away from home on the Manhattan campus of F.I.T. we would step next to door to our neighborhood bistro and sip a glass of wine & dine on little plates of garlic and wine spiked escargot. The waiter would always bring us a basket of warm french bread for us to sop up every last drop of the buttery garlic and wine snail sauce.

In sunny California, my taste buds danced with delight at the creations of uninhibited chefs who had a great passion for playing with nature's bounty in totally new and compelling ways.

Every food experience inspired the culinary artist within me. I couldn't wait to return to my own kitchen and put together my own interpretations.

That is what my business is all about... in 1994, my passion for the culinary arts was so great I thought I was going to burst! But instead I opened Canopy Rose so that I could share this passion with the community.

Over the years I have been able to create an amazing variety of specialty foods for my customers.

All those hard to find foods that challenged me back in the 1980's to learn how to create them myself, had prepared me to be able to create them for others.

No matter what sort of specialty food you are looking for... there is a good chance that Canopy Rose can prepare it for you.

Creating culinary masterpieces is our passion! Visit us at or give us a call at 850-539-7750.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crudite Gardens By Canopy Rose Are A Novel Idea For Tallahassee Area Weddings

The crudite display is a quintessential element of most all wedding receptions. At Canopy Rose, our Cascading Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Display is one of the first picks of every bride planning her reception.

Since first opening our doors to the public in 1994, Canopy Rose has created hundreds and hundreds of beautiful, garden fresh crudite displays, from our most popular multi-tiered cascade to whimsical tabletop displays with statuary and rustic elegance.

Now we introduce a novel idea for our Spring 2009 Collection... The Canopy Rose Crudite Garden! What could be more perfect in a city of such spectacular springtime blooming profusion?

For many, March is the ultimate time to say, "I do" in Florida's capital region.

With March being the busiest month of the year for caterers who run back and forth to the capitol with van loads of food during the work week, and then pulling out all the stops on the weekends for seasonally-inspired wedding receptions during the month when nature puts on one of its most glorious seasonal displays... Savvy brides need to plan early! March is just barely 6 months away!

For your spring wedding, a Crudite Garden By Canopy Rose is an edible, smile-popping tablescape that will be memorable and good for the heart!

To learn more about having Canopy Rose help you with your wedding contact our offices at 850-539-7750 or send us an e-mail at

You will want to make sure and join the Canop Rose Wedding Club. Visit to learn more about this free club with all sorts of great benefits and perks to it's club members!

Local Caterer Launches Canopy Rose Wedding Club

What could be more fun than a local wedding club?

Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company ( ) has just launched the exciting Canopy Rose Wedding Club for North Florida and South Georgia brides. Grooms, parents of engaged couples and wedding planners can also join this unique club.

Club membership is free and open to all who have a regional wedding in the future and plan to use one or more of the services of Canopy Rose.

Canopy Rose wedding-related services include:

Wedding Reception Catering

Rehearsal Dinner Catering

Bridesmaid Luncheon Catering

Engagement Party Catering

Wedding Weekend Hospitality Trays

Bride & Groom's Getaway Picnic Basket

Post Wedding Day Brunch

Welcome Baskets for Out-of-Town-Guests

Wedding Appetizers To Go

"How To Cater Your Own Wedding Reception" Canopy Rose Workshops

or other wedding-related specialty food items

So, YES it is possible for brides to join this club even if they are having their wedding reception in a private club or restaurant that does their own catering or even if they have already hired another local catering company.

The benefits of membership include:

Free V.I.P. Invitations To Group Tasting Parties At Canopy Rose

Free Wine and Cheese Candlelight Networking Events At Canopy Rose To Meet, Greet & Share Ideas and Stories With Other Area Brides

Notices of Special Wedding-Related Events Being Held At Canopy Rose and other select locations.

Membership discounts on catering.

Membership discounts on workshops.

Menus, recipes and ideas for cooking up romantic dinners for two.

Menus, recipes and ideas for hosting your first parties as a married couple.

and much more!

Simply copy, cut, complete and return to


Phone #:

E-Mail Address:

Date and Type of Wedding Services Needed from Canopy Rose:


Estimated # of Guests:

Type of Food Desired:


Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Find Unlimited Menu Possibilities From Favorite Tallahassee Area Caterer

Looking for something with a deliciously different twist for your next soiree? Perhaps you want to host an event unlike all the other events you've ever been to before.

While there is nothing wrong with a classic spread of all the old tried-and-true party foods... sometimes it is just so wonderfully liberating to try something new.

At Canopy Rose Catering we thrive on the opportunity to express our creativity in challenging new ways. We love to put our thinking caps on and allow ideas to germinate that will make your party super special.

As creators of special events we love to hear that magic word... "WOW!"

So if you are looking for possibilities to wow your guests... Canopy Rose is one company that can help you to create the wow factor!

Begin by visiting the website where you can get an idea about our style, from there contact Kathi at or call Kathi and find out if we are available on the date you are needing a caterer. Then tell us your vision or allow us to help you create a vision for your event! Our ideas span the globe and the centuries from popular culture (or even futuristic if you desire) to old world. The possibilities are virtually unlimited for creating a party unlike any other party ever held! Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Great Wedding Menus At Canopy Rose Caterer

Tallahassee area caterer cooks up great wedding menus for Canopy Rose brides!

Brides throughout North Florida and South Georgia love the delicious scope and variety of the menu options available from this popular catering service.

Brides can surf at their leisure through the extensive menu listings or they can contact the company and have owner, Kathi Dameron provide them with a personal tour through the website.

Brides on a budget will find that there are plenty of options to fit a thin pocket book, while those seeking an indulgent feast for their wedding day will find that Canopy Rose Catering has the area's best selection of catered food options. Where else can you get such treats as Medallions of Pork Tenderloin with Nectarine-Blueberry Salsa or Salmon Napoleon or a Stone Crab Salad with Tangerine, Grapefruit and Citrus Vinaigrette? You just have to see the catering menu to believe it. So much versatility. And yet the website barely even scrapes the surface of the amazing creativity of this wonderful area catering enterprise.

Custom-designed menus are always available, too. Kathi loves to create just the perfect menu to fit the season and occasion. For Kathi, the creating of food and menu combinations is akin to the blooming of daisies in the sun! So if you don't see it... ask us and we will be glad to design the perfect menu around your taste preferences.

Browsers will find such categories as pick your entree, pick your salad, pick your bread, pick your side dishes. For appetizers a bride can opt the indulgent ala carte offerings or choose from one of the many different reception packages that starts as low as $10.00 per person and includes a beautiful cascading fresh fruit and vegetable display and Canopy Rose Cocktail Bites.

For more information visit or call this catering service at 850-539-7750.

Why Not Throw A Party? We'll Help!

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -Mark Twain

Many of our happiest memories are found in the special celebrations of life.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Canopy Rose Has An Exciting Menu

For one of the most exciting menus, check out the fabulous foods of Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company at

While Canopy Rose is not a restaurant, all of the items on the menu are available by special order. Whether you are feeding 10 or 2000, Canopy Rose creates food that will surprise and delight.

Foods from Canopy Rose are perfect for:

Office Luncheons

Board of Directors Meetings

Bill Signing / Dedication Receptions

Business After Hours Open House

Grand Openings

Dinner Parties


Holiday Parties

Wedding Receptions

Rehearsal Dinners

Cocktail Parties

Working Breakfasts

Weekend Brunches

Home Entertaining

Office Entertaining

Legislative Events

Retirement Parties

Funeral Receptions

Christening Luncheons

Graduation Parties

Recital Receptions

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Parties

Bar Mitzvahs & Bat Mitzvahs

Bridal Showers

Baby Showers

Beach Parties

Halloween Parties

Theme Parties

.... the list is unlimited!

How to go about placing a specialty food order from Canopy Rose:

You will want to begin by checking to be sure that Canopy Rose is available to prepare your food for you. If you are completely set on having Canopy Rose do the food for your event, you might want to have a couple of dates in mind in case the company is booked up on your first date.

All orders are taken on a first call, first serve basis. Try to get on the Canopy Rose calendar as far in advance as possible since we may or may not be available on short notice.

Sometimes we get calls at the last minute and through some stroke of serendipity the timing is perfect and we are able to prepare the food. So by all means give us a call 850-539-7750.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wedding Hors D'Oeuvres To Go

For brides planning a wedding reception on a very limited budget in the Tallahassee, Quincy, North Florida and South Georgia area; Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company in downtown Havana, Florida has a delicious solution.

Canopy Rose has a special program for brides called, "Wedding Hors D'Oeuvres To Go."

Often brides have friends, family, colleagues, neighbors or members of their church who are willing to help with the delivery, set-up and behind-the-scenes kitchen patrol of their wedding reception... sort of like the way wedding celebrations were done in other generations and in other cultures.

This scenario will allow a smart and savvy bride to purchase higher quality food for the wedding.

Many brides have thought that they could not afford to have Canopy Rose food at their wedding.

But with the Canopy Rose Wedding Hors D'Oeuvres To Go Program just about any bride in the area can now treat her guests to some of the best tasting food in the southeast!

Tallahassee Area Catering Company Launches Website That Makes Planning A Breeze

It is a breeze to use the exciting new Canopy Rose website. As the owner of Canopy Rose, I am tickled by the ease of this catering website.

The extensive menu listings with prices makes putting together any sort of menu FUN, FUN, FUN! Customers will love the opportunity to be in the driver's seat in the menu planning.

All that a customer will have to do is mix and match what appeals most to them from the different categories. Since the prices are included, customers are able to get an excellent idea immediately what they are looking at as far as cost goes.

It's brilliant!

I wish I had thought of doing it this way years ago... it would have been a win-win for everyone!

But I suppose that is the gift of years of experience. After all these years you should think that one could come up with a streamlined approach to easily sharing one's catering menus-even when the catering menus are as creatively complex as the ones designed by Canopy Rose.

Yes, of course there is still a gazillion different ideas and possibilities that Canopy Rose can do for your wedding, grand opening, holiday party, office luncheon, birthday party, open house, beach party, charitable soiree or other special event- but at least this website is a great launching pad.

We welcome you to come and explore the delicious and diverse offerings of one of the Tallahassee area's top treasures- Canopy Rose Catering! This is a great place for brides-to-be, grooms-to-be, mothers-of-the-bride, fathers-of-the-bride, wedding planners, event coordinators, office managers .... to visit!

We look forward to serving you and tickling your tastebuds!

Cocktail Reception Packages

Brides often like to see a set of packages that they can choose from. They generally know that they have a set amount of money. Maybe it is $15.00 per person and maybe it is thirty, sixty or more that is set aside to pay for the food portion of the reception.

The following wedding cocktail reception packages are designed for gatherings of 125 or more guests and are available throughout the Tallahassee, Havana, Quincy, Monticello and surrounding North Florida and South Georgia communities. Smaller sized groups can certainly have one of these packages too. The only difference would be that the package price for any group smaller than 125 people would need to be figured based on the anticipated number of attendees.

For immediate assistance in planning your wedding reception call Canopy Rose Catering at 850-539-7750. Canopy Rose, where all the food is beautifully presented and deliciously prepared with the freshest and finest of ingredients, looks forward to the opportunity to serve you!

10.00 Per Person
Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Display
Three Cocktail Bites

15.00 Per Person
Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Display
Five Cocktail Bites

20.00 Per Person
Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Display
Elegant Cheese Display
Three Cocktail Bites

25.00 Per Person
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Display
Elegant Cheese Display
Five Cocktail Bites

30.00 Per Person
Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Display
Elegant Cheese Display
Iced Shrimp Display with Fancy Dipping Sauce
Four Cocktail Bites

35.00 Per Person
Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Display
Choice of One Salad
Choice of Chicken or Pork Tenderloin Entree

40.00 Per Person
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Display
One Salad
One Pasta
One Chicken or Pork Entree

45.00 Per Person
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Display
Iced Shrimp Display with Fancy Dipping Sauce
Salad Station
Pasta Station (includes grilled chicken)
Bread Station

50.00 Per Person
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Display
Three Cocktail Bites
Cheese Display
Iced Seafood Display
Salad Station
Roasted Meat Carving Station
Bread Station


Tell us your budget and your taste preferences and we will create a special menu just for you!

Please inquire about other possibilities. The possibilities at Canopy Rose are unlimited!
125 person minimum. Smaller groups can have these same menus however the prices will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Package price does not include delivery, set-up, serving staff or gratuities.

Flowers, Candles, Table Linens, China, Silverware, Crystal, Tents, Chair Covers, etc are naturally additional.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Office Holiday Party Action Plan

Now is a good time, if you have not already done so, to lock down on your 2008 Holiday Party location, caterer, rental supplies and entertainment.

Many of the most popular locations might already be booked when you call to inquire about renting a party, banquet or meeting space in Tallahassee or the surrounding communities for a Saturday night during the month of December.

Don't stress! There are still options if all the favorite sites have already been snatched up.

Personally, I believe holiday parties in a private home are the way to go anyway. The warmth and intimacy of a beautiful home presents a festive backdrop for the most memorable of parties.

Think about it. The best parties are never in public places! The best parties are never in places where the meter is ticking away and there might be a 10:00 or 11:00 lights out policy!

Find someone on your staff that is thrilled by the prospect of hosting this year's party in their home. Everywhere I ever worked, all of us with that special gift for hospitality jostled for the honor. When I taught elementary school, I quickly learned that there was a "seniority thing" going on with who earned the privilege of opening their doors to the staff. Having the party at one's home was like a badge of honor. Hosting the Holiday Party was indeed a very, very special thing to do.

Action Plan

1. Ask around the office and see who is interested in hosting.

2. When you find this person - treat them like gold! Be willing to spring for flowers, housecleaning, yardwork, whatever! You get the idea. Perhaps you could allocate $250 or so to the host. Some people would love to have the party in their home, but they are intimidated by the thought that they need to make everything perfect. Help them to squash this fear!

3. Pick a couple of different potential dates for the party. Rank them 1, 2, 3....

4. Start checking out Tallahassee Holiday Catering Menus on google, call your favorite caterers and check on their availability, request menus and prices.

5. Pow-wow with your colleagues. Get feedback about what the staff wants. Do they want an elegant plated sit-down dinner, a casual buffet, or perhaps a fun theme?

6. Somewhere along the way you need to talk money with the boss. Some bosses tell you the budget upfront, others wait till they see what different things will cost and then make a decision as to what they are comfortable spending. Find out how your office works, then adapt to it!

7. Whenever you have a set budget... tell your caterer. Your caterer wants to help you to get the best possible party for your money.

My top pick for a holiday caterer in the Tallahassee area is Canopy Rose. They are absolutely awesome!

Food A+... Presentation A+ ... Creativity A+ .... Serving StaffA+... Versatility A+... Customer Service A+ ... should I go on? I could!

Ok... so maybe I'm just a bit biased! :) But, I do speak the truth! Canopy Rose is an outstanding catering firm with the expertise to handle just about any event under the Florida sun!

You can be sure that the food will be second to none. Whether or not you need staff or even set up and delivery, your experience will be a great one. I, personally, as the chef and owner of this great company give you my word. We can be reached at 850-539-7750 or visit us on the internet at where for your convenience we have posted our extensive list of offerings with prices.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tallahassee Area Caterer Responsive To The Needs of The Market

Responsiveness to the needs of one's customers is a critical skill in today's highly competitive marketplace.

Take catering for example. By it's very definition, catering is the providing of anything wished for or needed. In the caterer's case it is the providing of food and entertainment. But the process of catering starts long before the cooking even begins. It starts when the first call comes in, or when the first e-mail sails in from a potentially new, cherished current or previous customer. This is the moment where the caterer elects whether or not to be responsive to the needs of the client.

Canopy Rose, a Tallahassee-area catering firm strives to be responsive to the needs of all of our callers because we understand that when somebody calls us they are seeking a solution, they need food, they need to see prices, and they don't want to wait till tomorrow or next week or next month. They want it now. Lots of times they don't really want to talk to someone, especially not a hard-boiled sales person, until at least they have had time to digest the information. The caller often simply wants to see menus and prices, options and possibilities, and they want to get some sense of the character and style of the company, and whether or not this company can meet their needs.

Now North Florida and South Georgia customers can get all of this and so much more at with one small exception- at Canopy Rose there are no hard-boiled salespeople. In fact there are no salespeople at all at Canopy Rose except Kathi, the creative and joy-filled owner who would rather create the wow, than sell the sizzle!

It is our pleasure to strive to do our very best to be responsive to your special needs. Therefore we have undertaken the daunting task of providing accessible price lists and menus for all to peruse on the Canopy Rose website. This site is constantly being updated, tweaked and improved to be relevant to all who visit. We welcome your feedback and suggestions by telephone 850-539-7750 or e-mail. If you find anything to be the least bit confusing we hope you will tell us.

Yes!! Please tell us what you need from us. Canopy Rose wants to be your favorite caterer!

Florida Capital Region Caterer Cooks Up Some Fun Election 2008 Menus

Just in time for the national conventions, Canopy Rose, a caterer and special event company in the 4th largest state in America has cooked up some delicious campaign 2008 culinary fun!

SElections 2008 features foods inspired by the backgrounds of Barack Obama and John McCain, the two contenders for President of the United States.

The contemporary flavors of Kenya, Hawaii and Midwestern America represent Obama.

While the vintage flavors drawn from the 1930's and 1940's,the Panama Canal, Viet Nam and Southwestern America represent the senior McCain.

These menus are available for catered events in Tallahassee and the surrounding communities of North Florida and South Georgia.

For more information contact Kathi Dameron at 850-539-7750.

Full Catering Price Lists Available Online

Looking for full catering pricelists for your Tallahassee area luncheon, dinner, holiday party, wedding reception or other special event where you will need food?

Canopy Rose, the deliciously versatile and talented North Florida and South Georgia caterer has made the decision to provide prices on all new catering menus beginning in mid August.

Customers have long requested that we send along a price list when we send them a menu.

That day has come!

On the newly revised website visitors can scroll through an impressive collection of offerings. With every offering, the price is listed.

Visitors should keep in mind that if they are shopping catering for a very large event, there is a high probability that they will receive some nice discounts off of some of the prices. It just really depends on the food item and if the catering company is in a position to offer a discount on a particular item.

A great thing about the new Canopy Rose menu is that it now embraces smaller groups, too.

Traditionally, caterers usually want a minimum of 35 to 50, and sometimes even 100 guests. These catering minimums can present a challenge to all the wonderful groups of 10 to 35 people who want exquisite, full service catering.

Well, Canopy Rose hopes to change all that! We are just as thrilled with cooking for that small party of 12 as we are in cooking for a crowd of 1250 guests!

And this company has done both. In fact, Canopy Rose has catered for as many as 4500 guests at one time. So you can be sure that this is one company that knows how to throw a great party!

Obama Picks Biden / McCain Chooses Palin ~ Why Not Host A Politics Watching Party!

Update Friday 8/29/08
Another intriguing move...this time in the GOP camp with John McCain's somewhat startling selection of Sarah Palin, the popular Governor of Alaska.

Wow! This campaign looks like it will be quite entertaining for all the spectators back home who follow the political race like a sport.

My prediction: The 2008 Presidential Campaign will be filled with several opportunities for throwing Politics-Watching Parties!

Why not have a little culinary fun and cook up a delicious bi-partisan menu with inspired items from all four candidates?

I've been concocting some fun menus for weeks--- now I look forward to the addition of an Alaskan twist! Welcome Sarah! Let the fireworks begin!
Brilliant move! Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama has picked Senator Joe Biden to be his running mate. Out of all the different possibilities, I think Barack Obama has chosen someone who is a brilliant choice.

Obama needed a vp who was well-known and well-respected by the American people.

Obama needed a vp who has the solid gravitas in foreign policy.

Obama needed someone who understood Washington.

This looks like a winning combination to me!

Can't wait to see what John McCain will do next, hopefully he will have enough integrity and decency to refrain from making his vp announcement during the Democratic convention. Isn't that sort of an unwritten law or something... thou shalt not steal the thunder from the other parties convention? Or am I just old fashioned?

Yes, I probably am. I dream of a time when political campaigns will lose the negativity and stop slamming their opponents and focus instead on the positive and on what their administration will do to improve the quality of life for every citizen of the United States.

It is time for that dialogue. It is time for republicans and democrats to sit down and break bread together and build bridges for a better tomorrow.

Great things can happen around a dining room table!

Capital Area Caterer Adds "Recipe of The Month" to Catering Website

Visitors to the new and improved Canopy Rose Catering website will now find a little treat on the right side of the page.

It just makes sense to me to share some of my favorite recipes with my customers. So beginning with August 2008, I'll be posting a recipe of the month.

This month's recipe is for Crunchy Ice Cream Pie ~ a recipe that I use to make often back in the 1980's when I lived on Florida's North Hutchinson Island. In fact my recipe was even featured in the "Southern Sampler" cookbook that was published by the Harcourt Brace Jovanovich School Division - Southeast Region. Flipping through the book I spot my name quite a few times posted under many of my old tried and true recipes of the 1980's.

The website address is and the recipe can be found by scrolling down the page a bit. Enjoy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Meet Canopy Rose: The Tallahassee Area's Trailblazing Catering Company

Trailblazers are always fun to watch! They step out boldly into the unknown and set a path that others will later follow.

In the Tallahassee area culinary world, Canopy Rose is a trailblazer.

In the 1990's Canopy Rose was the first caterer in the city to embrace the fax machine. Also in the 1990's Canopy Rose was one of the first catering companies to launch a website. That first website created by Kathleen Carr, was consistently ranked number one in search hits.

While other caterers were just getting the hang of faxing menus out, Canopy Rose was reaching a global audience. Not a week went by when some e-mail from a far-flung location didn't land in the Canopy Rose in-box.

Russia, Sweden, Saudia Arabia... the e-mail flew in from all over the world. Unfortunately, Canopy Rose could not cater parties in these distant locales. But by the serendipity of their timed arrivals, sometimes the e-mail would inspire a global twist in a menu that was being created that day for a North Florida or South Georgia party.

Now in 2008, Canopy Rose is still blazing new trails and leaving the competition in the dust.

A new culinary arts studio that offers private cooking classes, food events, food jaunts, chef collaborations, food publicity and food writing has been added to the Canopy Rose mix.

But the catering is the bread and butter. The catering division has long attracted Florida's top movers and shakers. In fact, Canopy Rose has even attracted many of Washington's politicos and lobbyists who have staged soirees in the capital region of the nation's fourth largest state. Why? Because trailblazers attract trailblazers.

Come and see what Canopy Rose can cook for you and your guests at or give us a ring at 850-539-7750. We can't wait to hear from you. But be forewarned - our passion and excitement for culinary excellence is contagious!

What's Hot and What's Not In Holiday Parties For 2008?

"Wow! What a great party! I don't remember when I had such fun. Everything was perfect and the food was totally amazing!" Kudos like this are music to a party planner's ears.

For months the party planner was busy at work dreaming up a party that would totally wow the guests. Chances are she even had some sleepless nights along the way.

Every good party planner knows that ultimately the food can either make or break a party.

Every good party planner also knows that the taste preferences of the guests in attendance is a critical factor in selecting a winning party menu.

Ok, so the question that begs to be asked is... how does one plan a menu that fits the demographic of the group without boring their socks off?

A hot party menu merges demographics and flavor interpretations. For example, if I am dealing with an all Southern born and bred cast of guests... you better believe that I am going to give them the Southern fare that they know and love. But I am going to do this with unique twists that I know that they will enjoy. They will be able to recognize those classic foods of their region, but they will also be introduced to some fun approaches.

In the south, we love our cheese grits and we love our coastal seafood and we love our tobacco onions, and we love some sort of rich gravy-like sauce. So here is an example of a fun presentation. We take martini glasses, rub the rim in lime, and dip the rim in a fanciful flavoring.

Very pretty! Then we do a very artistic presentation inside each martini glass with the ingredients I've mentioned. This works great for party stations where guests can do their own or
station attendants can do the honors.

Your guests will love this familiar food with its delicious innovative presentation.

For ideas about what's hot and what's not in Tallahassee area holiday parties for 2008... consult the trendsetting catering company, Canopy Rose. Whether you want to ring us up by phone at 850-539-7750 or just want to surf on over to and lurk around our website a while ... you will find delicious solutions for your annual holiday party where everyone will be singing kudos to the party planner!

Get Help With Your Christmas Holiday Party Menu Planning

Need help planning your annual office Christmas party? Tired of the same ole', same ole' menu and the same ole', same ole' spread?

Here is what you do...

If you can be on the computer and the telephone at the same time, Canopy Rose will walk you through the creation of a fabulous 2008 Holiday Menu.

Whether your guest's tastes are down-home Southern or far-flung exotic, if exquisite tasting food is important to you, and your budget is more generous than chintzy, then this catering company will be the answer to the question: "What are we doing for our Christmas Party this year?"

However, if your budget is itsy, bitsy and you are shopping for the cheapest deal in town... the complete and full catering services of Canopy Rose will be beyond your reach. But by all means, surf on over to the Canopy Rose website where you can get ideas for your holiday party. Perhaps, you'll find one showstopping selection that the boss will agree to spring for this holiday season!

Really if you find yourself with a lean budget this year, which is certainly not surprising with the state of our national economy... don't stress. Canopy Rose can even help you to put together a totally amazing holiday party on a shoe-string. Now of course keep in mind that you would have to be willing to do certain things yourself... but if we can work together on the food, nothing can stand in our way of putting on one of the best holiday spreads ever! (Hey there is an idea for a future newspaper column..."How To Throw A Great Company Holiday Party During A Recession!" Who knows something along these lines just might show up during the fall in the "Entertaining with Kathi" column!)

Bottom line...Canopy Rose provides solutions - DELICIOUS SOLUTIONS! Call us anytime, we are always willing to give our old friends and our new friends lots of FREE suggestions.

To a GREAT 2008 Holiday Season! May it be filled with many delicious memories.

Tallahassee Catering Price List Now Online

Q: It is so hard to find complete catering menus with prices in Tallahassee. Is there a caterer in Tallahassee who posts full menus and prices on their website?

A: Visit the Canopy Rose website at You'll find all sorts of fabulous menus with prices. This is an incredible catering firm with a creativity that has no bounds!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tallahassee Area Caterer News

Canopy Rose, the popular Tallahassee area caterer that relocated its catering facility to the quaint, historic district of downtown Havana, Florida (7 miles from northwest Tallahassee) last winter has launched an exciting new catering menu that includes prices.

While this company has catered for as many as 4500 people at one time, the new menu states that Canopy Rose will cater or prepare food for groups as small as 10 people!

Check out the new Canopy Rose menu. If your guest count is in the hundreds or thousands, Chef/ Owner Kathi will gift you with deep discounts!

For those who are looking for perhaps just a few exquisite dishes... Canopy Rose offers a Gourmet and Party-To-Go Service. Please keep in mind that all of the food by Canopy Rose is made to order. Therefore you need to plan ahead if you are going to get some of this delicious food- especially during the busy holiday season.

Contact: Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company

Phone: 850-539-7750

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mix and Match Lunch Catering Menu with Prices

We hope you will have as much fun playing with our menu options as we are having designing them for you!

Please check out our Office Lunch Catering Menu. You'll find a fabulous list of delicious Canopy Rose handcrafted foods. For your convenience we have included prices, too. If you are planning an event for a very large number of people, you may possibly be eligible for a deep discount on the per person charges. Just ask!

The reason that Canopy Rose is able to provide such an extraordinary collection of foods is that every item that you order is prepared exclusively for you! The provisions that go into creating your catered meal are purchased fresh from markets right before we start preparing for your event. That is one of the many reasons that our food is so fresh and so delicious.

At Canopy Rose, we treat every catering job as though we were preparing the food for our own very important event, we will only use the finest and freshest ingredients.

We are also not interested in booking the most parties, just the BEST ones! Our clients appreciate the culinary excellence that Canopy Rose consistently delivers.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

How To Self Cater You Own Wedding Reception

Classes at Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company
We have several great classes planned for the next couple months.

Saturday, August 23, 2008 ~ How To Self-Cater or Partially Cater Your Own Wedding Reception

Come and learn secret strategies from a caterer who has catered hundreds and hundreds of weddings and elegant soirees.

Discover how to make a cascading fresh fruit display, some exquisite edibles and much, much more!

Instructor: Kathi Dameron, Caterer, Special Event Designer, Food Writer and Chef/Owner Canopy Rose

Time: 12 Noon- 2:00 pm

Location: Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company
101 West Seventh Avenue
Havana, Florida 32333
(Located on the corner of Hwy 27 and 7TH Avenue in the historic town of Havana, just a short 20 minute drive from Tallahassee.)

Price: $125.00 includes workshop, lunch, hand-outs, menus, recipes, etc. Includes certificate for one complimentary 60 minute consultation.

Reservations required. Class size is limited. To reserve your spot contact Canopy Rose at 850-539-7750.

Monday, August 11, 2008

About Canopy Rose ~ Catering

Thank you for your interest in the beautiful and delicious foods from Canopy Rose.

We would be happy to visit with you about your upcoming function.

Canopy Rose is a unique company. The owner is a prize-winning gourmet cook, food writer and teacher of cooking classes.

Canopy Rose first bloomed on the capital scene in 1994 with a pint-sized cafe that presented a dazzling collection of salads, sandwiches, specials and desserts during the work week. Immediately customers started requesting Canopy Rose foods at their office luncheons, parties
and weddings.

Within a few years, Canopy Rose closed the cafe part of the business, and concentrated exclusively on the catering end.

Clients ranged from the Florida Governor's Mansion in Tallahassee to indulgent beach parties at St. George Island. Canopy Rose had become the hottest catering company in town. The menus were new and innovative and the presentations were striking. Tallahassee had never seen anything like it before. While Canopy Rose could and would furnish clients with the tried and true Southern classics of the region, Kathi's unique cosmopolitan interpretations found favor with everyone who secretly yearned for a little more pizzazz on the plate.

Fourteen amazing years later, Canopy Rose is still stirring up culinary excellence in North Florida!

Calling All Brides Who Are Shopping For A Wedding Caterer ~ Free Tasting Party For Qualified Brides

Still shopping for a caterer for your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner?

Canopy Rose has a few Friday nights and Saturdays to cater wedding celebrations still available in 2008.

The 2009 calendar has several openings, but key dates are expected to fill up pretty fast.

We are currently planning some Free Tasting Parties for qualified brides.

For obvious reasons, our free tasting parties are available by invitation only to brides who meet the following criteria:

1.) The bride is engaged to be married within the next 18 months.

2.) The wedding reception or rehearsal dinner is in a logistically-approved location.

3.) The bride has not already secured the services of another caterer, restaurant or food service provider for this event.

4.) The bride will be making a decision about which caterer she will select within a couple weeks of the tasting.

5.) The bride will invite her parents, fiancee or anyone else who will be paying for her wedding reception to accompany her to the Free Tasting Party.

To get your invitation to a FREE Tasting Party, please send us an e-mail at
Please include your name, wedding date, type of food that you like and your contact information.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your big day!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ethnic Catering & Food Stations

Canopy Rose specializes in ethnic-inspired foods with regional twists.

The flavors that we work with are simply awesome. My approach is to take the flavoring components of a foreign cuisine and bring them home, by marrying them with local and regional favorites.

When you want to wow your guests at your upcoming reception, luncheon or party, consider adding some delicious ethnic foods.

Canopy Rose Catering, a Tallahassee Florida caterer is available for local and out-of-town events.

A frequent traveling caterer and food stylist to Florida's coastal communities, Chef / Owner Kathi Dameron has catered on the Emerald Coast, the Forgotten Coast and the Treasure Coast.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Canopy Rose Open House

Would you like to join us for our next Canopy Rose Open House, where you can sample some of our delicious food?

Simply send us an e-mail to and say: Add us to your open house list!

Cut and paste the following message into the body of your E-Mail:

Add us to your open house list:

Please Pick The Category that Best Fits :

___1.) Corporate Lunch Catering For My Office

___2.) Wedding Catering

___3.)Holiday Catering

___4.) Other Catering ....(please describe so that we can invite you to the most appropriate open house event.)


Company Name (if applicable)




City, State, Zip

Thank You!! Send to

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How Much Should A Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Cost?

This question is a bit like, "How much should a vacation cost." There is such a wide range of possibilities.

The best way to determine what a wedding rehearsal dinner should cost, is to take a good look at what you have in mind and then take a good honest look at your budget.

Chances are that most budgets will not allow for everything that you have in mind. But that is ok! This gives you a good opportunity to prioritize a bit. You might discover that certain things that you initially thought you wanted, are not worth the expense. You will also discover that you can save a bundle by doing certain things yourself.

Clients often say, "Kathi, I want you to do it all. All I want to do is write one check."

If this is what you really desire, it is important to realize that full event orchestration is not inexpensive. But you do not need full event orchestration in order to have a great party. I am always happy to furnish my clients with ideas, resources and great information to help them to have an outstanding and memorable event.

Now back to the initial question...

Costhelper dot com gives the following information about what rehearsal dinners cost:

$10 to $30 per person for a simple affair held in the host's home.

$30 to $70 per person for a simple meal and drinks in a private room at a casual restaurant.

$70 to $250 per person and even higher for a high-end event.

Contact Person: Kathi Dameron 850-539-7750

Private V.I.P. Parties and Receptions in Tallahassee

Are you an organization that is sponsoring a private VIP Event in the Tallahassee or surrounding area?

You will want to bookmark

Canopy Rose, a fully licensed and insured Florida catering company can be reached at
office 850-539-7750
cell 850-228-0583
or by e-mail at
Customized Menu and Theme Design for capital region VIP Parties and Receptions

Beach Parties By Canopy Rose

Custom Designed Beach Party Menus available on request from Canopy Rose.
Looking for a chic coastal menu and event design for your upcoming soiree. Look no further!
Canopy Rose, a fully licensed and insured Florida catering company can help you.
Our coverage area includes:
St. George Island
St. Mark
St. Joe
Panama City Beach
Grayton Beach
Rosemary Beach
Santa Rosa

Friday, August 1, 2008

Request A Free Catering Quote For Tallahasseee Area Events

Get a free catering quote for your upcoming event from Canopy Rose.

Simply copy, paste, and complete this form and return to


E-mail address

Phone number

Company or organization name (if applicable)

Date of Event

Type of Event

Number of Guests

Description of what you have in mind

Time frame for selecting your caterer

Estimated food budget

Best time for us to call you

Would you like for us to arrange a sampling party for you where you can taste some of our food?

Do you need help with:

Event Concept & Design

Event Staff

Event Location

Table linens

China, Crystal and Silverware




Dance floor



Party favors

Floral arrangements


Horse-Drawn Carriage



Ice Sculptures

Portable Toilet Facilities

A/V Equipment

Event Publicity

Cooking Classes at Canopy Rose

The fall cooking class calendar is in the process of being put together. We would like your input!

As of today we have scheduled:

1.) Several Sunday Afternoon Greek Cooking Classes that will be held from 3 to 5 pm. These are classes where you will actually be able to carry home what you learn to make in the class.

2.) New Leaf Market will continue to sponsor some of our evening classes.

Jill Welch will be doing a Natural Ferments Class at 7 pm on Wednesday, September 17.

Wendy Creel will be doing a "Juicing For Longevity & Overcoming Disease" Class at 7 pm on Thursday, September 18.

Jill will be back in Havana on Wednesday, October 8 at 7 pm to teach a class on Seaweed.

The New Leaf market sponsored classes are less than $10.00

The other classes offered by Canopy Rose vary in price depending on teacher, cost of ingredients, etc.

You can help us to plan our upcoming season by giving us some feedback!

1. What type of classes interest you?

a. hands-on

b. demonstration only

c. lunch and learn demonstration

d. cooking party

e. team building where you work as part of a team to create a sit down meal.

What type of food are you interested in learning about?

a. ethnic

b. regional

c. fusion

d. heart-healthy

e. French classic

f. Southern

g. basic techniques

h. The Canopy Rose Way

Are you interested in special classes on how to self-cater your own wedding reception or other special event?

Are you interested in participating in weekend destination trips (Food Tourism) ?

Are you interested in participating in a food writing workshop?

How much are you willing to pay for cooking classes?

Your name:

Your e-mail:

Your phone:

Your best times for taking classes:

Other information:

Send to Thank You!!

August 2008 Catering Special

Every month Canopy Rose runs one special meal for $10.00 per person. The August 2008 catering special is:

Crab Nicoise Salad
Here is a beautiful and delicious salad that is simply perfect for the scorching days of August around Florida's capital region.

We start with a crisp, colorful bed of assorted greens & veggies. Then we top the greens off with a scattering of some traditional (and some not so traditional nicoise ingredients.) The version may vary slightly from day-to-day but typical ingredients include black olives, marinated green beans, lemon-kissed potato bites, chopped eggs, artichoke hearts, feta cheese...

The crowning glory of this great tasting salad is some sweet and succulent crabmeat.

Served with a yummy garlic vinaigrette salad dressing.

Baked Tuscan Bruschetta
Tuscan toast brushed with garlic & herb infused olive oil. Then topped with a generous sprinkle of cheeses and seasonal goodies.

Price: $10.00 per person + tax & delivery (when applicable)
(If you organization is tax exempt, please provide a copy of your tax exempt certificate with your payment.)

Interested in other menu selections? Please see our full catering menu.

Canopy Rose caters office luncheons, board of director meetings, cocktail parties, breakfasts, brunches, dinners, company picnics, holiday parties, legislative functions, drug rep luncheons at doctor's offices, product launch parties, open houses, receptions, birthday parties, beach parties, theme parties, wedding rehearsal dinners, anniversary parties, special events, grand openings, retirement parties, large festive black tie galas, garden parties and small intimate home celebrations.

We serve Tallahassee, Quincy, Havana, Monticello, Madison, Thomasville, Quitman, Bainbridge, The Gulf Coast Beaches, and other north Florida and South Georgia communities.

To place an order please call us first to check if we are available on the date and time that you will need catering. Please call as early as possible to discuss your catering needs, as some days are already booked months in advance. We look forward to working with you!

Contact Kathi Dameron at 850-539-7750 or 850-228-0583

Pick Your Bread & Spread

Bread of the Day 1.00

French Bread Baguette Rounds 1.00

Garlic Bread 1.25

Pita Bread 1.50

Corn Bread with Green Chilies and Cheese 2.95

Honey-Jalapeno Corn Bread 2.95

Salsa and Cheese Bread Ole! 2.95

French Bread with Chevre, Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Chives 2.95

Strawberry Streusel Muffins 3.95

Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffins 3.95

Prize Winning Caraway Onion Puffs 3.95

Phyllo Cheese Straws with Pesto 4.95

French Bread w/ Pesto, Feta Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Olives 4.95

Bohemian Oyster French Bread Loaf 7.95

Butter .25

Herbal Butter .75

Tuscany Cheese Spread 2.95

Hummus 2.95

Spinach Dip 3.95

Catering Menus and Price Lists

Ask about our K.I.S. Catering Specials Starting at $14.95 per person (the perfect option for the budget savvy.)

Our extensive mix and match catering menus follow. Simply click on each category on the top right side of the website, to pull up a list of options.

For those seeking a turn-key catering solution.... our catering packages for receptions, banquets and holidays are simply perfect. These catering packages are also listed along the right side of the website.

For those looking for a highly original menu and theme for their event- Canopy Rose Catering's creativity and ability to create the WOW Factor is legendary! Don't miss the section on our unique catering stations for a taste of the fun of having a Canopy Rose Catered Event!

Weddings and Special Events By Canopy Rose

We really enjoy custom designing your catering for each different event and prefer to talk over the phone, communicate by e-mail or meet in person over a cup of coffee. Please make an appointment with Kathi Bess to discuss your Party and Catering needs. Call 850-539-7750 or email us at

Monthly Catering Special

Make sure and ask us about any catering specials we are running for the month.

The specials are a great way to treat your office, family and friends to the delicious foods of Canopy Rose.

Our catering specials are also a delicious solution for shoestring budgets! They include an entree, salad, crackers or bread. $10.00 p/p light portion / $15.00 p/p hearty portion

Have a big group and a small budget? Don't hesitate to ask us to help you. Canopy Rose is very creative in providing affordable, cost-effective catering solutions.

Kathi Wins Writing Award

Canopy Rose owner, Kathi Dameron has won the 2nd Place Award in the Newspaper Article Category at the 2008 Southern Christian Writer's Conference in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for her article, Simple Act of Sharing Food Can Truly Bring People Together. This article appeared in the Northeast Chronicle - Tallahassee Democrat during the spring of 2008 in the Entertaining with Kathi column.

Grand Prize Winner In Cooking Contest

The year was 1987 when Kathi Dameron, a passionate gourmet cook who spent her days teaching 32 second graders, and her weekends hosting fun parties for her circle of friends at her waterfront home on Florida's North Hutchinson Island, won two prizes in the first cooking contest she ever entered. One of these prizes was the coveted Grand Prize. At that moment Kathi knew that one day in the not too distant future her special dream to launch her very own catering company would be realized. Seven years later that day arrived with the birth of Canopy Rose in Florida's Capital City in 1994.

What's Cooking At Canopy Rose?

More fabulous ideas from Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company. We invite you to read on...

Canopy Rose Booking Information

We are delighted that you are interested in booking the services of Canopy Rose! The process is very simple!

Simply call 850-539-7750 (office) or 850-228-0583 (cellular)
(If you should get the voice mail, please leave a message and we will return your call asap.) or send us an e-mail to

In order to best serve you we will need to know the following details:

1. The date, time and location of your event

2. The number of anticipated guests

3. The type of event (ie: office luncheon, wedding reception, holiday party, small private dinner party in your home, legislative cocktail party, etc.)

4. A description of the food, services and catering budget you have in mind.