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So what is it that sets the catering and event design of Canopy Rose apart from other Tallahassee area caterers? Is it passion, culinary creativity, extraordinary experience? What is that special something that makes Canopy Rose Catering stand head and shoulders above the crowd of caterers? We cordially invite you to scroll, scroll, scroll through all our deliciousness and taste our fabulousness for yourself.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Tonight's Catered Dinner in Tallahassee

Tonight's catered dinner was for a group of Tallahassee doctor's.

This catering menu is perfect for a lunch or a dinner- business or social!

Catered entree: Chicken Bruschetta over Garlic & Herb Spiked Pasta
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee)

Catered Salad: Garden Party Salad with Canopy Rose Catering Famous Sweet & Jazzy Dressing
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee Florida Area)

Catered Bread: Garlic Bread

Catered Dessert: Congo Bars
(By Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee Fl Area)

Caterer : Canopy Rose Catering ~ Tallahassee Fl catering

Location: Tallahassee Florida - Havana Fl Area, Florida Capital Region, Florida Panhandle, North Florida, South Georgia, Thomasville, Bainbridge, Cairo

Types of Catering Services Offered: Corporate Functions, Legislative Events, Social catering, Cultural catering, Wedding Receptions, Parties, Special Event Management, Office Luncheons, Holiday Parties, Full Service catering, Drop-off catering, catered meals to go.

Contact Information: See Tallahassee Caterer for menus, 850-539-7750

Tallahassee Caterer Finds Inspiration In Bainbridge Georgia

No catering in Tallahassee on Saturday, so I jaunted over to nearby Bainbridge, Georgia with a friend.

As a caterer, free Saturdays are usually few and far between because everyone around Tallahassee and Thomasville love to throw parties on Saturdays.

Of course this weekend, lots of Tallahassee residents had left town to tailgate at the football game in Jacksonville.

So I enjoyed every single minute of a nice long, leisurely weekend before returning to my catering kitchen for Monday's catering job.

Don't you love this photo? The matching wreaths on the front doors remind me of my twin rustic red berry wreaths on the french doors of my last catering kitchen. (I smiled every time I pulled up to the kitchen in the catering van.)

I snapped this picture in Bainbridge in front of an antique shop. (Sharon House Antiques & Interiors) The blue and white with the antique lace backdrop and lavender flowers creates a splendid vignette, wouldn't this look be perfect for a wedding, baby or how about a grandmother's shower?

In February 2009, my Tallahassee Florida Area catering business has a 9oth birthday celebration on our catering calendar...perhaps we could go with a similar look!

Catering is such fun... especially when life dishes up a little breathing room in between catered functions!

Celebrate The Season With The Fabulous Foods of Canopy Rose Catering

Tallahassee ... Celebrate the holiday season with the fabulous catered foods of Canopy Rose Catering!

Catered foods by Canopy Rose Catering are prepared fresh per catering order using only the finest of ingredients.

View the Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee Catering Menu now!

Discover why this catering company is a longtime favorite caterer of so many Tallahassee, Florida connoisseurs of fine food.

Want help with the catering website? Call Canopy Rose Catering at 850-539-7750

Friday, September 26, 2008

Canopy Rose Catering Presents A Delicious Autumn Dinner

Catered Appetizer: Shrimp, Crabmeat and Cream Cheese with Crackers
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee Florida Area)

Catered Entree: Marinated & Grilled Flank Steak
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee)

Catered Salad: Autumn Garden Party Salad
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee Florida Area)

Catered Side Dish: Wild Rice with Spiced Mushrooms & Pecans
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee Florida Area)

Catered Bread: Bread of The Day
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee Fl Area)

Catered Dessert: Autumn Pumpkin Cake Roll with Cream Cheese Filling or Caramel Apple Cake or Apple Crisp
(By Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee Fl Area)

Caterer : Canopy Rose Catering 850-539-7750

Location: Tallahassee Florida - Havana Fl Area, Florida Capital Region, Florida Panhandle, North Florida, South Georgia, Thomasville, Bainbridge, Cairo

Types of Catering Services Offered: Corporate Functions, Legislative Events, Social catering, Cultural catering, Wedding Receptions, Parties, Special Event Management, Office Luncheons, Holiday Parties, Full Service catering, Drop-off catering, catered meals to go.

Contact Information: See Tallahassee Caterer for additional menus and prices

In Flight & Airport Catering By Canopy Rose

Canopy Rose Catering provides fresh and delicious catered meals for in flight passengers on private charter jet flights out of the Tallahassee Area Airports. In Flight catering menus are custom designed. When the late Lawton Chiles was the Florida governor in the 1990's, he often requested Canopy Rose meals to accompany him on official flights from Tallahassee to other parts of the state.

Here is a sample in flight catering menu.

Catered Appetizer: Tuscany Cheese Spread with Crackers
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee Florida Area)

Catered Entree: Linguini with Shrimp Scampi
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee)

Catered Salad: Caesar Salad with Fried Green Tomatoes
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee Florida Area)

Catered Side Dish: Vegetable Medley
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee Florida Area)

Catered Bread: Bread of The Day
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee Fl Area)

Catered Dessert: Congo Bars
(By Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering Tallahassee Fl Area)

Caterer : Canopy Rose Catering

Location: Tallahassee Florida - Havana Fl Area, Florida Capital Region, Florida Panhandle, North Florida, South Georgia, Thomasville, Bainbridge, Cairo

Types of Catering Services Offered: Chartered Jet In- Flight Catering, Corporate Functions, Legislative Events, Social catering, Cultural catering, Wedding Receptions, Parties, Special Event Management, Office Luncheons, Holiday Parties, Full Service catering, Drop-off catering, catered meals to go.

Contact Information: See Tallahassee Caterer for menus, 850-539-7750

Featured Catered Meal - Fall 2008

Delicious lunch or dinner catering menu idea for a Pork Tenderloin Dinner:

Catered Entree: Medallions of Pork Tenderloin with Nectarine-Blueberry Salsa
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering tallahassee florida area )

Catered Salad: Mixed Greens with Fresh Fruit, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Spiced Pecans
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering tallahassee florida area )

Catered Side Dish: Couscous with Fragrant Spices
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering tallahassee florida area)

Catered Bread: Bread of The Day
(by Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering tallahassee florida area)

Catered Dessert: Rum Spiked Cake with Rum Glaze
(By Kathi Dameron of Canopy Rose Catering tallahassee florida area)

Caterer : Canopy Rose Catering

Location: Tallahassee Florida - Havana Fl Area, Florida Capital Region, Florida Panhandle, North Florida, South Georgia, Thomasville, Bainbridge, Cairo

Types of Catering Services Offered: Corporate Functions, Legislative Events, Social catering, Cultural catering, Wedding Receptions, Parties, Special Event Management, Office Luncheons, Holiday Parties, Full Service catering, Drop-off catering, catered meals to go.

Contact Information: See Tallahassee Caterer for menus, 850-539-7750

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dinner To-Go In Downtown Havana Florida

We've been getting several phone calls about the new sign in our window.

People are curious about our Dinner-To-Go program.

The Canopy Rose Dinner-To-Go program is very exciting. This home-meal replacement service opens up our regular catering menu to anyone in the area who is looking for delicious prepared food.

Ten servings is the absolute minimum size order that we will prepare. But even for a very small household, ten servings of an exquisite dish is a blessing beyond measure!

Since all of our food is prepared fresh for each order, a smart and savvy person will freeze additional individual portions in ziplock bags for dinners later in the month.

I've done this for myself and have always been amazed at how convenient and delicious the meals are at a later date, especially during those hectic days when I do not have the time or energy to cook up an entire meal for myself.

Another way that customers can utilize the Canopy Rose Dinner-To-Go program is to join forces with a friend and then split up your gourmet treasures. So each friend would end up with 5 portions of each selection instead of ten! The possibilities are unlimited!

Now as far as ordering, please keep in mind that we need plenty of time to go grocery shopping, then we need ample time to do all the prep work and cooking. Plus we have to blend all this together with any other catering that we already have booked for that same time period. So we need enough advance lead time! During certain busy times we will need LOTS of advance notice, during slower seasons one to two days may be sufficient. The best bet is to book us as early as you possibly can!

About Us: Canopy Rose is a favorite Tallahassee Florida catering company. This caterer can be reached by phone at 850-539-7750. Catering menus for wedding receptions, holiday parties, office luncheons, and much, much more are a click away at Canopy Rose serves the following communities: Tallahassee, Thomasville Georgia, Cairo Ga, Bainbridge, Havana, Quincy, Monticello, Madison, St. George Island and all communities within about a 125 mile radius of Tallahassee, Florida.

Private Cooking Class Parties In Tallahassee- Havana Area

Private Cooking Class Parties are available through Canopy Rose Catering.

These parties are lots of fun and can be held at your location in or near Tallahassee, Florida or at our culinary arts studio in historic downtown Havana, Florida.

Cooking Class menus are custom-designed for your party. Cooking classes are ideal for corporate team building events, unique holiday parties, wedding showers and much more!

For different menu ideas, please browse the Canopy Rose Catering menu options at or contact the catering offices at 850-539-7750.

Do you have an event coming up where you will need catered food? We would like to be your caterer!

Thanksgiving Catering Services In Tallahassee Area

Taste The Fabulous Flavors of Southern Holidays This Season With Catering By Canopy Rose, the popular Tallahassee Florida area catering company.

Today we are looking ahead to Thanksgiving 2008.

Many of our corporate clients like to treat their staff and clients to a delicious Thanksgiving feast several days or even one to two weeks before the holiday.

Thanksgiving catering calls start coming in by the beginning or middle of October from the early birds and keep on coming up until a day or so before Thanksgiving.

Are you planning a feast and need some help? Be an Early Bird and call early to place your order!
Canopy Rose Catering Offers:

Food Catering Services ~ Tallahassee Florida & Surrounding Communities

Traditional & Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Catering For Home and Office

Traditional Roasted Turkey Platter

Traditional Turkey Dressing with Gravy

Southern Holiday Cornbread Dressing

Gourmet Stuffings On Request

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Cranberry Sauce

Sweet Potato Souffle with Marshmallows & Pecans

Green Bean Casserole

Corn Bread

Pumpkin Pie

Apple Pie

Pecan Pie

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Southern Praline Cheesecake

For more delicious food ideas visit tallahassee caterer...

About Us: Canopy Rose is a favorite Tallahassee Florida catering company. This caterer can be reached by phone at 850-539-7750. Catering menus for wedding receptions, holiday parties, office luncheons, and much, much more are a click away at Canopy Rose serves the following communities: Tallahassee, Thomasville Georgia, Cairo Ga, Bainbridge, Havana, Quincy, Monticello, Madison, St. George Island and all communities within about a 125 mile radius of Tallahassee, Florida.

North Florida and South Georgia Catering, Wedding and Special Event Services

A Guide To County Wide Food Catering Coverage In North Florida & South Georgia:

(Special note: If you don't see your town, city or county listed on our catering coverage map - please ask. We often travel outside our coverage area!)

Name of County: Leon County
Name of State: Florida
Name of City: Tallahassee food caterer
All Types of Catering & Special Events Services Offered: Wedding Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners, Holiday / Christmas Parties, Traditional & Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Catered Meals, Corporate Office Luncheons, Legislative Events, Sorority & Fraternity Events, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Capitol Events, Political Campaign Fundraisers, etc. All types of catering services are offered.

County: Gadsden County
State: Florida
Name of Town/ City: Havana, Quincy, Midway food caterer
All Types of Catering Services Offered: Wedding Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners, Holiday Parties, Parties To Go, Garden Club Catering, Art Center Catering

County: Jefferson County
State: Florida
City: Monticello food caterer
All Types of Catering Services Offered: Wedding Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners, Holiday Parties, Monticello Opera House Events

County: Madison County
State: Florida
City: Madison food caterer
All Types of Catering Services : Weddings, Holiday Parties, Social Events

County: Thomas County
State: Georgia
City: Thomasville food caterer
All Types of Catering: Weddings, Holiday Parties, Social Events, Pebble Hill Plantation

County: Grady County
State: Georgia
City: Cairo food caterer
All Types of Catering Services Offered: Weddings, Holiday parties, Social catering

County: Colquitt County
State: Georgia
City: Moultrie party food catering
All Types of Full-Service and Partial Service Catering Offered

County: Mitchell County
State: Georgia
City: Pelham party food catering
All types of Full-Service and Partial catering services offered

County: Decatur County
State: Georgia
City: Bainbridge party food catering
All types of catering services offered. Kirbo Center, Bainbridge Country Club

About Us: Canopy Rose is a favorite regional food and special event catering company that serves communities through North Florida and South Georgia. This party caterer can be reached by phone at 850-539-7750. Catering menus for wedding receptions, holiday parties, office luncheons, and much, much more are a click away at Canopy Rose serves the following communities: Tallahassee, Thomasville Georgia, Cairo Ga, Bainbridge, Havana, Quincy, Monticello, Madison, St. George Island and all communities within about a 125 mile radius of Tallahassee, Florida.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Current Newspaper Column

The "Entertaining with Kathi" column has been a regular food and entertaining feature in the Northeast Chronicle - Tallahassee Democrat newspaper since May 2006.

Writing this column is truly a passion of mine, as are all things where food, fun and creative expression come together in highly original ways. So without further ado, here is my most recent column as it appears in the Gannett-owned newspaper. Enjoy!!

September 24, 2008
This recipe for squirrel will get you cooking
By Kathi Dameron

When the "Revised and Updated Centennial Edition of the White House Cookbook" hit bookstore shelves in 1996, I was among the first in line to get my hands on a copy. It was touted as the most tasteful text to come out of the White House in the last 100 years.

Here was a book that was one of those "must-haves" for my private cookbook collection.
While working on the new seasonal menus for my catering business, I sifted through the pages of this national treasure in search of one or two recipes that might make the cut and end up on this season's menu.

Many of the recipes sounded yummy, but only two nominees would be considered fit to be added to the Canopy Rose collection.

I'd been recipe taste-testing for the last six months and while I've eaten like royalty, there has been one big down side — the weighty consequences.

I was ecstatic when I found out that the authors of this text had revised and updated the recipes with a low-fat twist, especially in light of the fact that I had just rededicated myself to forging forward once again on my quest to be svelte.

But the one recipe that grabbed me by the throat and appealed to my sense of fun, with a paradoxical fit, was White House Squirrel Soup. It won't be found on my catering menu, but it's noteworthy all the same.

White House Squirrel Soup

Wash and quarter three or four good-sized squirrels; put them on with a small tablespoonful of salt, directly after breakfast, in a gallon of cold water.

Cover the pot, and set on the back part of the stove to simmer gently, not boil.

Add vegetables, just the same as you do in case of other meat soups in the summer season, but especially good will you find corn, Irish potatoes, tomatoes, and lima beans.

Strain the soup through a course colander when the meat has boiled to shreds, so as to get the squirrels' troublesome little bones.

Then return to the pot, and after boiling a while longer, thicken with a piece of butter rubbed in flour. Celery and parsley leaves chopped up are also considered an improvement by many.

Toast two slices of bread, cut them into dice one-half inch squares, fry them in butter, put them in the bottom of your tureen, and then pour the soup boiling hot upon them.

Kathi Dameron is a caterer, food writer, guest speaker and teacher of cooking classes. She owns Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company. Visit her at or contact Kathi at either or at 539-7750.

If you are shopping for a Tallahassee Florida catering and special event company for an upcoming party, wedding reception, office holiday party, political fundraiser, working lunch or dinner this Tallahassee caterer is an excellent choice.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rustic Veal Spezzatini Over Penne Pasta

While playing around with some rustic autumn menu ideas tonight for Tallahassee catering, my tastebuds danced at the thought of adding this sensational entree to our catering menu.

Yum! I'm so inspired, I think I just might throw my own soiree this weekend- just so that I can cook up a big pot of Rustic Veal Spezzatini over Penne Pasta.

Imagine a stew of sauteed boneless veal, a splash of wine, some good home-made stock, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, carrots and a lovely blend of savory seasonings.

I've just added it to the entree catering menu... so if you are looking for the ultimate autumn stew with a touch of sophistication and high-spirited flavor, then perhaps you'll want to request Canopy Rose's Rustic Veal Spezzatini over Penne Pasta.

This delicious catering dinner option is another Canopy Rose Catering exclusive!

About Us: Canopy Rose is a favorite Tallahassee Florida catering company. This caterer can be reached by phone at 850-539-7750. Catering menus for wedding receptions, holiday parties, office luncheons, and much, much more are a click away at Canopy Rose serves the following communities: Tallahassee, Thomasville Georgia, Cairo Ga, Bainbridge, Havana, Quincy, Monticello, Madison, St. George Island and all communities within about a 125 mile radius of Tallahassee, Florida.

What's Cooking Today At Canopy Rose Catering

The Tallahassee Catering menu currently in production is for a dinner tonight for a group of Tallahassee doctors.

Since this event is a dinner party, my work is taking on a bit of a more leisurely pace- which allows me to snap a few photos as I go through the preparations.

Tonight's Tallahassee catering menu includes a delicious menu that includes:

Chicken, Pecan and Goat Cheese Log with Crackers

Roasted Vegetables with Feta Cheese and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Garden Party Salad with Canopy Rose Famous Sweet and Jazzy Dressing

Minnesota Wild Rice with Spicy Pecans

French Baguette Slices with Butter

Marinated Grilled Flank Steak with Carmelized Onions

Honey Pecan Chicken

Congo Bars
About Us: Canopy Rose is a favorite Tallahassee Florida catering company. This caterer can be reached by phone at 850-539-7750. Catering menus for wedding receptions, holiday parties, office luncheons, and much, much more are a click away at Canopy Rose serves the following communities: Tallahassee, Thomasville Georgia, Cairo Ga, Bainbridge, Havana, Quincy, Monticello, Madison, St. George Island and all communities within about a 125 mile radius of Tallahassee, Florida.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Octoberfest Catering

Tallahassee area catering solutions for Octoberfest Celebrations.

Whether you spell it Octoberfest or Oktoberfest, this German-Bavarian celebration is fun, fun, fun! We love catering Octoberfest parties!

For inspiration, head north to the mountains of North Georgia. Every fall the village of Helen, pulls out all the stops for their annual Oktoberfest celebration.

Throwing an Oktoberfest party? Need help with the menu and cooking the food? We'll help!

About Us: Canopy Rose is a favorite Tallahassee Florida catering company. This caterer can be reached by phone at 850-539-7750. Catering menus for ethnic celebrations, theme parties, wedding receptions, holiday parties, office luncheons, and much, much more are a click away at

Canopy Rose serves the following communities: Tallahassee, Thomasville Georgia, Cairo Ga, Bainbridge, Havana, Quincy, Monticello, Madison, St. George Island and all communities within about a 125 mile radius of Tallahassee, Florida.

Fried Green Tomatoes To-Go In The Tallahassee - Havana Area

Imagine everything from Fried Green Tomato Salads to Fun-Spirited Fried Green Tomato Bars from a Tallahassee catering company.

Local Tallahassee area caterer, Canopy Rose has added the favorite southern sizzler to it's amazing list of specialty foods that can be purchased by advance reservation.

The minimum size catering order is ten servings... the maximum catering order at least a couple thousand.

What could be more fun for your next big gala than having a Canopy Rose catered Fried Green Tomato Station... your guests will go wild!

For capital area office luncheons, why not pick out a combination of the delicious side dishes that can be found on the caterer's website.

For private home entertaining in the Tallahassee area and surrounding communities, you'll want to bookmark the Canopy Rose Catering website, add 539-7750 to your speed dial and call Kathi the caterer the minute you find out that you need to order some food.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fun Spirited, Yet Sophisticated Describes The Canopy Rose Brownie Martini Station

When it comes to innovative Tallahassee Florida area catering food stations, for catered events, weddings and holiday parties thoughout the Big Bend Region, Canopy Rose is second to none!

Several ideas for fabulous food stations can be found online at the caterer's website, but an even greater collection of ideas is under the lock and key of chef/owner Kathi Dameron's prolifically creative mind.

We love to custom-create food stations for Tallahassee area catering events that are one-of-a-kind originals for our catering clients and their invited guests.

There is really no reason to have a cookie-cutter event!

Today we are showcasing our Canopy Rose Brownie Martini Station. Mmmmm! This is so yummy. This station juxtaposes our double fudge brownies, hand-churned ice cream, spirited splashes and tantalizing toppers in a fun-spirited, yet sophisticated style.

It's pure Canopy Rose! Canopy Rose is a favorite Tallahassee Florida area catering business.

High Teas ~ A Delicious Way To Build Enthusiasm

In the fabulous, whimsical and festive book, Essentially Lilly ~ A Guide To Colorful Entertaining, Author and Designer Lilly Pulitzer of Palm Beach Florida shares a pro's proven tips and strategies for organizing a charity benefit.

Lilly writes, "one of the biggest steps in planning (a benefit) is making sure people come to the event." Lilly suggests that planners should "build enthusiam for the charity by hosting a high tea and have a speaker make a presentation to familiarize your committee with the history and needs of your chosen charity."

For the High Tea menu Lilly shares recipes for:

Cranberry -Orange Ginger Ale Punch

Cream Cheese and Dill Toasts with Smoked Salmon

Curried Chicken Salad on Endive

Goat Cheese Toasts with Fresh Figs and Honey

Cucumber and Radish Tea Sandwiches

For more great food ideas for a ladies luncheon, high tea, fashion show or fundraising fete visit Florida Caterer.

Canopy Rose Catering, the wildly popular North Florida and South Georgia catering company is available for all manner of catered charitable galas. We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Hot Off The Press

Calynne Hill, the Tallahassee realtor who specializes in dream real estate just forwarded this information to me. While I don't generally post e-mail messages on my blog, I couldn't resist posting this one.

An autumn afternoon with lunch and fashion sounds like great fun! So if you are planning to be in Florida's Gadsden County for the Havana Pumpkin Festival on October 18, you might think about jaunting over to neighboring Quincy for the lunch hour. (Of course, I am curious about who is catering the lunch.)

At any rate, whomever caters it, it is sure to be a lovely and a delicious way to support the Arts! Read on for more details...

For Immediate Release
Falling into Fashion

Quincy, FL - Fall is upon us which means time for cooler air along with autumn colors, pumpkins, football, AND the Gadsden Arts Center’s fall fashion show. Saturday, October 18th from 11:30 until 1 p.m. local ladies will be modeling the latest in fashions from Turner’s of Moultrie. The Sawano Club in Quincy will once again be the fashion runway locale.

Fashion maven Anne Carlton will be emceeing and previewing the latest fashion trends. For a $35.00 donation guests will enjoy a gourmet lunch while viewing a wide array of ensembles from sporty to spectacular. Outfits modeled will also be available for purchase or special order after the show.

This fundraiser for the Gadsden Arts Center supports ongoing programs at the Center which is located on the historic square in downtown Quincy. Tickets may be purchased in advance at 13 N. Madison Street or arrangements may be made by calling the Center at 875-4866. Reserved tables are available for small groups but space is limited ---so call now and mark the date on your calendar for an enjoyable fall afternoon!

The Gadsden Arts Center is located just 25 minutes from the State Capitol at 13 N. Madison on Quincy’s historic courthouse square. Regular gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 am-5 pm and Sunday 1-5 pm. Public admission $1; members and children admission is free. For more information, call 875-4866 or check the web at

Friday, September 19, 2008

Canopy Rose Soup & Chowder Collection

Vichyssoise, Gazpacho, New England Clam Chowder, Shrimp Bisque, Corn and Sausage Chowder and Thai Coconut Chicken Soup are just a few of the hundreds of beautifully brewed soup recipes in our private Canopy Rose Soup and Chowder Collection.

For your next catered event, why not let us set up a Canopy Rose Soup & Chowder Station for you? Guests love a cup of soup! Perhaps one of the reasons Soup Bars are so popular at soirees, is because they are quite unexpected!

Our delicious, flavor-popping soups are hand-crafted for each order with the freshest and purest ingredients.

For more info contact us at 850-539-7750. Tallahassee Florida Catering.

Why Not Throw A L' Ete C'est Fini Party?

L' ete c'est fini, "summer is over" triggers delicious inspiration for a late September soiree. For French foods I've turned to the wonderful book, French Women For All Seasons ~ A Year of Secrets, Recipes & Pleasures by bestselling author, Mireille Guiliano.

Potato Gratin A La Normande, Potato Olive Ragout, Farfalle with Edamame, Mussels in White Wine and Buttersquash Soup are just a few of the recipes that I want to experiment with during the glorious days of autumn.

tallahassee florida caterer Need help with a North Florida or South Georgia French-themed party call 850-539-7750.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wildflower Weddings and Special Events That Make Our Hearts Sing

Lady Bird Johnson once said, " You should work on projects that make your heart sing." Having spent much of her childhood "roaming woods where dogwoods bloomed like lace and wild roses grew along the fences" she wanted children everywhere to know and remember nature the way that she did. On her seventieth birthday in 1982 she founded the National Wildflower Research Center in Austin, Texas.

Wildflowers are a beautiful theme for special celebrations! Vibrant and bursting with color, wildflowers are a splendid launching pad for creative color combinations, unique theme interpretations and exquisite food.

Working on fabulous catering and special event projects is my life work...this is truly the project that makes my heart sing!

If you have a wonderful special event coming up and are looking for a caterer and party planner who will treat your event as art, and not just as routine business, then you will want to call Canopy Rose. We can't take on every project, but we do take on the projects that make our creativity sing! Tallahassee Caterer

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

A September Picnic ~ Olde English Style

In her book, The Essence of English Life, author Sheila Pickles writes, "Picnics are an essential part of the English summer... The picnic is likely to be served on china plates out of a wicker basket, and the spread will include traditional English summer fare: smoked salmon, lobster, asparagus and chicken, followed by strawberries and cream with Pimms or champagne to drink... The enjoyment of a picnic is entirely dependent on what one makes of it."

With our Tallahassee, North Florida and South Georgia summers far too humid for true picnic enjoyment, we find that the cooler months of autumn or the flowering days of springtime are simply perfect for our region's most perfect picnics.

In the fall, many of our picnics go to tailgate parties, for clients who are looking for a certain elegance that will lift their pre-game celebration up a few notches, we offer the Canopy Rose Picnic In A Basket.

For gourmet picnic menus visit or call our offices at 850-539-7750. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

Call The Caterer!

Unexpected company coming to Tallahassee?

Spouse wants to invite the boss over for dinner this weekend?

In-Laws coming in from out of town for the holidays?

Need to throw a dinner party, Sunday brunch or cocktail party?

Need to order a working lunch for the office?

Need to send a dinner to a friend just home from the hospital?

Need to find a caterer for your company Christmas party?

Need to find a legislative catering company for an event for 2500 guests at the Florida Capitol Courtyard?

Need to find a wedding caterer that will cater at the beach?

Need to find a food service provider for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 months?

Need to find a special event designer for your organization's annual fundraising gala?

Need to find a place to purchase home meal replacements for your elderly parents?

You'll find solutions like these and much more at

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Herbalist Wendy Creel To Teach Tonight At Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company In Historic Downtown Havana Florida

Looking for a great cooking class to attend today in the Tallahassee area? Tonight, September 18, 2008 from about 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, Tallahassee Herbalist Wendy Creel will be teaching a class at the Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company in historic downtown Havana Florida.

Canopy Rose is located in the old Havana Bank building. We are on the corner of Hwy 27 and 7th Avenue. Our building has a green marble facade on the front and is painted white brick on the side. You can't miss us! Just look for the Canopy Rose signs. We are across the street from H&H Antiques.

The title of Wendy's class is "Juicing for Longevity" ... sounds like a great class!

Last night The Kitchen Goddess, Jill Welch dazzled her students with a class here on "Natural Ferments."

Both classes offer delicious solutions to optimizing your health and vitality! For more great health-related cooking classes, check out New Leaf Market in Tallahassee.

We are pleased to have New Leaf Market sponsor Jill and Wendy's Havana cooking classes in our culinary arts studio!

Wondering about other cooking classes at Canopy Rose? We offer private cooking class parties. Simply pick your menu from the menu offerings at, verify the date with us to make sure we can accommodate your request, and then start planning your guest list!

Private cooking class parties are great for wedding showers! Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

The New Recipe of The Month Has Been Added To The Canopy Rose Website

The September Recipe of The Month has been added to the Canopy Rose Catering website.

Each month we post a new monthly recipe for our visitor's enjoyment. This month we posted an old favorite recipe from Kathi Dameron's Recipe Archives.

It's easy! It's fun! And it's a true crowd pleaser. I'm not going to tell you what it is, though. You'll have to go on your own treasure hunt through the website to find it! The first person to find it and email me what it is .... receives a special food treat from Canopy Rose!

Let the race begin! The contest ends at midnight on September 19, 2008.

Miss this month's chance to win a Canopy Rose Treat? Not to worry because we will be running other fun contests in the very near future! And of course, you can always order any of our food!

Food gift prizes available only to North Florida or South Georgia residents who can pick up their prize at our Culinary Arts Studio in historic downtown Havana.

Pot Roast Season Has Arrived

Slow roasted pot roast like mom use to make... mmmm!

We make our version the old fashioned way with peeled and chopped potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes, fresh minced garlic, a secret mix of seasonings, a splash of wine, some rich and savory beef stock and lots & lots of delicious beef.

During the months from September to March, we find that our catering customers love this stick-to-your-ribs fare for catered office luncheons, dinner parties, corporate annual holiday events, and with our savvy clients who simply want to stock their freezer with small portions of the delicious foods of Canopy Rose.

Legislators who come to Tallahassee during the working week for the annual spring legislative session call on Canopy Rose to help them stock their freezer with delicious home cooked meals, custom packaged in individual portions and ready to be nuked on a moments notice.

We all know that we can dine on just so much rich and fancy food, until we crave the more homespun, the more down-home foods, those comfort foods that remind us of Sunday Dinners around the dining room table, when loved ones gathered together after church for recreation and refreshment.

The comfort foods collection from Canopy Rose Catering, the popular Florida capital region caterer will delight your tastebuds with nostalgic flavors and soul-satisfying goodness.

To order the Canopy Rose Pot Roast contact Kathi Dameron at 850-539-7750 or drop us an e-mail at

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cooking Classes This Week at Canopy Rose in Havana, Florida

There will be two different cooking classes in downtown Havana, Florida at Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company during the week of September 15, 2008.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Instructor: Jill Welch
Natural Ferments - Sponsored by New Leaf Market
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm

Thursday, September 18, 2008
Instructor: Wendy Creel
Juicing For Longevity - Sponsored by New Leaf Market
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm

Questions: Please call 850-539-7750

Would you like to be on the Canopy Rose Cooking Class Mailing List? Please send your contact information to

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Night In The Tropics

The tropical island theme that conjures up the mood of the lovely islands of the South Pacific is the inspiration for this soiree offered by Canopy Rose Catering.

A sample cocktail party menu of finger foods includes:

Sauteed Bananas At A Chef Station

Coconut Shrimp

Conch Fritters

Tropical Fresh Fruits with Tropical Dipping Sauce

Iced Seafood Display with Canopy Rose Sweet and Jazzy Dipping Sauce

BBQ Spareribs

Grilled Chicken and Pineapple Bites Kebabs

Tropical Nut Bread

Banana Chips

Coconut Date Balls

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Treat The Staff To A Traditional Thanksgiving Feast

Treating the staff to a traditional (or not so traditional) Thanksgiving or Christmas Feast is a very good thing to do!

So where do you begin?

1. Decide on the location where the event will be held.
Do you want to have it at your office or would you prefer to go to a private home, restaurant or banquet room? We are happy to deliver and set-up our food at your location or we can suggest some favorite locations to you for consideration.

2. Select your menu.
We have several menu options to choose from that cover a wide range of budgets. For those on tight budgets, we offer some nice packages that start as low as $10.00 per person. For more generous budgets we offer a delicious cornucopia of menu options. Our website at lists food, prices, packages and much more to help you in planning your holiday function.

3. Lock down your vendors.
Most caterers and event facilities require a minimum deposit. The deposit will lock down the services that you will need for your special event.

Need help with all of this and more? Call Kathi Dameron at 850-539-7750 and we will handle all of the details for you! We've been planning parties professionally for 14 years and as a passion- for a lifetime!

Multi-Generational Wedding Trend Emerging To Pay For Weddings

Imagine... your grand daughter has just become engaged to a fine young man that she met while attending Florida State University. The families of both the bride and the groom live across the country and since the couple has made Tallahassee their home for several years, they wish to be married in their community. Being recent college graduates, money is tight but their hopes and dreams for a beautiful life together are big, and their list of best friends is long.

In fact, they are looking at a wedding guest list of over 350 people with a rather small allocated budget from her mom and dad, who are already stretched financially with 2 mortgages and the college tuition of 2 other children! The allocated budget barely covers the banquet room rental. What will the couple do?

Scenarios like this are not uncommon, especially with the ever-rising cost of a 2008 or 2009 American Wedding Reception. It is anticipated that the average cost of US Weddings will top $30,000. 00 within the next few years. OUCH!

Perhaps it is time for a new wedding paradigm!

At one Florida based catering business, Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company, owner Kathi Dameron is promoting the gift of multi-generational funding to help offset the high costs of getting married today.

Ms. Dameron sees multi-generational funding as a tasteful way for grandparents, parents and other family members to contribute to the overall or specific cost of a special celebration through the gracious gift of a Canopy Rose Gift Certificate.

This beautiful idea can be used for any of the Canopy Rose food and catering services needed for engagement parties, wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, gourmet wedding night picnic baskets for the bride and groom, pre and post wedding brunches and even the hotel room hospitality baskets and food platters for out-of-town guests.

Are we seeing the emergence of a beautiful and delicious new trend? Perhaps its more like "Something Old...Something New..."

For in the days of long ago family members often played active roles in helping to put on a wedding feast. But in today's fast paced, mobile world where families often live hundreds if not thousands of miles away from one another... its great to know that wedding menus can be reviewed and coordinated online.

The Canopy Rose website at offers menus, price lists, packages and tons of useful information for anyone trying to plan a wedding from their computer.

For more information on how we might be able to assist you in planning and funding your wedding reception contact the Canopy Rose offices at 850-539-7750.

Gift Certificates Now Available From Canopy Rose!

Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company is pleased to announce that we now offer GIFT CERTIFICATES!

Canopy Rose Gift Certificates are the perfect gift!

When To give a gift certificate:

1. Birthday Present

2. Wedding Present

3. Bridal Shower or Baby Shower Gift

4. Welcome To The Neighborhood Gift

5. Get Well

6. Retirement Present

7. Christmas Present / Hanukkah Present

8. Secretary Appreciation Gift

9. Boss Appreciation Gift

10. Pastor Appreciation Week

11. Thank You Gift

12. Just Because I Love You Gift!

13. Valentines Present

14. Congratulations on Your New Job Gift

15. Bon Voyage Gift

16. To help fund the cost of a catered family reunion

17. To help fund the cost of a catered wedding reception

18. To help fund the cost of a christening party or Quincenera party

19. To help fund the cost of a wedding weekend

20. To help fund a wedding rehearsal dinner

All Canopy Rose Gift Certificates must be arranged through the owner. Please contact Kathi directly at 850-539-7750.

Give The Gift of Canopy Rose!

Give the gift of fabulous food from Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company!

Canopy Rose Gift Certificates can be used for any of the following services:

1. Gourmet Specialty Food-To-Go (By Reservation Only)

2. Catering Services

3. Canopy Rose Cooking Classes

4. Food Styling By Kathi Dameron

5. Event Orchestration

6. Wedding Reception Catering

7. Creative Writing Services

Gift Certificates are available for $50, $100, $500, $1000, $5000 and $10,000.

The higher priced gift certificates are a wonderful way for parents, grandparents and other interested loved ones to assist in the funding of wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, anniversary celebrations, graduation parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs ...

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Banquet Hall (Photos) For Receptions and Holiday Parties Near Tallahassee

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Beautiful Large North Florida Holiday Party Facility For Rent

Are you researching a place to hold your annual employee company party?

Are you looking for something a little different this year?

Are you looking for a rental facility that won't eat up your entire Christmas Party Budget?

Are you looking for a one-shop solution?

We have an arrangement with one of our region's most interesting venues to bring in the delicious catered foods of Canopy Rose. In fact, we will work with you every step of the way to create a memorable and delicious event for your group. Or if you prefer, you can turn over all the planning responsibilities to us and we will attend to the myriad of party planning details for you.

This beautiful sit-down or buffet dinner location is located in a historic venue seven miles from Tallahassee. The unique setting will seat up to 250 people for a seated dinner. The facility has chairs for 150 guests. Additional chairs can be rented from a rental company.

We will be happy to assist clients with determining rental needs.

Catering Available Through Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company.

Contact Person: Kathi Dameron 850-539-7750

As of today (9 /12/08) we have some dates already booked and anticipate to completely book the facility during the month of December.

Please call today if you are interested in learning more about this great party site!

Tallahassee Area Caterer Adds Traditional Christmas Dinner / Luncheon Packages To Online Menu Options

Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company is pleased to announce the addition of three Traditional Holiday Dinner / Luncheon Packages for the North Florida and South Georgia market.

Our corporate clients have already started requesting menus for their December company parties and as usual for this geographic region there are many office managers, bosses and staff that want to see the "Traditional Christmas Dinner" brought in for their annual celebration.

Canopy Rose does an excellent traditional holiday meal, that is truly second to none!

Our packages are designed to work for each unique situation. While some offices just want the turkey, ham and dressing to be provided by an outside source, other offices want a full catered function with a nice blend of traditional fare mixed with some special culinary treats that they won't generally find on the typical holiday buffet.

Three Traditional Holiday Dinner Catering Packages

The Canopy Rose Traditional Holiday Buffet #1:
Sliced Holiday Turkey
Sliced Holiday Ham
Your Choice of Either:Southern Cornbread Dressing
Mushroom, Sausage, Pecan and Fresh Herb Stuffing

The Canopy Rose Traditional Holiday Buffet # 2:
Buffet #1 Selections
Your Choice of Either:
Candied Sweet Potato Casserole
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Baked Potatoes
Twice Baked Potatoes

The Canopy Rose Traditional Holiday Buffet #3:
Buffet #1 and Buffet #2 Selections
Holiday Bread Basket with Canopy Rose Bread SpreadBuffet

The Canopy Rose Custom-Designed Traditional & Non-Traditional Packages For more great holiday dinner or luncheon selections please browse the main menu.

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Why Not Host A Canopy Rose Clam Bake For Your Next Special Event?

When you are looking for a party solution that will long be remembered by your guests, you can't miss with this fabulous Canopy Rose Clam Bake!

Whether your event is at the beach or inland, Kathi Dameron and the Canopy Rose team will wow your guests!

The Canopy Rose Raw Bar includes:

Chilled Peel and Eat Gulf Coast Shrimp

Apalachicola Oysters on the Half Shell (During Season)

Florida Stone Crabs (During Season)

Lemon Wedges, Miniature Tabasco, Cocktail Sauce

Fresh Vegetable Display


Miniature Crab Cakes with Mango Salsa

Tuscany Cheese Spread with Flatbreads

Your Choice of Other Appetizers

Dinner Hour
(Tables Set with Lobster Bibs and Appropriate Seafood Utensils)

White Clam Chowder

Choice of Salad

Fresh Maine Lobsters
Grilled Rosemary-Lemon Chicken Breasts
New York Strip Steaks

Choice of Vegetable

Corn on the Cob with Drawn Butter

Baked Potatoes


Your Choice of Dessert

Moist Towel Service Is Provided Following This Bountiful Feast

For more great entertaining ideas visit or call the offices of Canopy Rose at 850-539-7750.

In The News - Thursday, September 11, 2008

Since May 2006, Canopy Rose owner, Kathi Dameron has been writing a regular food and entertaining column (Entertaining with Kathi) in the Northeast Chronicle / Tallahassee Democrat newspaper.

"Letting Politics Dictate What's For Dinner Tonight" was the title the editorial staff gave to the 9/11/2008 article by Kathi that ties food and McCain - Palin and Obama - Biden together with a delicious, flavor-popping and bi-partisan twist. Looking for a unique menu? Read on...

"Letting Politics Dictate What's For Dinner Tonight"
By Kathi Dameron

What sort of curious marriage of flavors are the vintage cuisine of the 30’s and 40’s with a Panamanian twist paired with endangered moose burgers and Baked Alaska meets Hawaiian luau fare and dreamy Delaware delights?

They are the bold and imaginative essence of a menu inspired by current American politics.

Throughout the history of the world, the creative arts have frequently depicted the current society in thought provoking ways. Why can’t culinary art do the same?

So for today’s column, I spin the globe right back to our own nation and even to our own backyard with this Election 2008 Party Menu.

“Don’t talk politics! Don’t talk religion!” Boy, oh boy if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that aphorism in my life, I could spend a week salmon fishing and moose hunting in Alaska or Island Hopping in Hawaii.

Really now, who can resist the temptation not to engage in conversation about the very future of our nation? For my friends and I, politics and religion are always the BIG topics of conversation when we gather.

It is during election years that I especially love to host parties in my home. The conversations are smart, thought-provoking and as a hostess I don’t get the least bit intimidated about how I’m going to entertain my guests since I know the conversation will speak for itself!

Opportunities for election season parties include convention watching gatherings, debate-night dinners, political salons, discuss the issues suppers and, of course, the big election night result’s watching parties.

With most of these events on weeknights, quick-fix expediency might be the perfect ticket.

Why not set up a Cheesy Grits Bar or Mashed Potatoes Station with some unbelievable toppings?

For a sophisticated crew, let the guests build their dish in a fancy stemmed martini glass.

For a more country crew, perhaps some big, deep-dish soup bowls would be more appropriate.

Start by cooking up a big, bubbling pot of stone ground grits, mashed potatoes, risotto, couscous, creamed corn, Hawaiian poi or autumn squash for your base.

Then have a little fun selecting and preparing the toppings. Delaware Blue Crab, Skewered Southwestern Bites of Grilled Chicken and Grand Canyon Rattlesnake, Kalua Fire Roasted Pork, Last Frontier Grilled Wild Salmon, Crumbled Moose Burger, Chopped Macadamia Nuts…you get the idea.

For Dessert, how about a Macadamia Nut Hot Fudge Sundae or a Vintage-Lovin’ Baked Alaska. You decide!

For more fun food and party ideas visit

Kathi Dameron is a caterer and event designer with a bold imagination for dreaming up original parties. She owns Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company and would love to cater your next event. Contact her at 850-539-7750 or at

Why Not End Your Event With A Shortcake Station?

Imagine a delicious dessert station laden with shortcakes, poundcake, angel food cake, fresh fruit, apple crisp with cinnamon streusel topping, rich chocolate dipping sauce, rich caramel dipping sauce, plenty of whipped cream, pots of fresh brewed coffee and a thick rich frozen cappuccino punch!

If this sounds like the perfect ending to your soiree, then request the Canopy Rose Shortcake Station!

For more great food and catering ideas contact the offices of Canopy Rose at 850-539-7750 or visit us online at

This station is perfect for wedding receptions, holiday parties, legislative functions, Springtime Tallahassee parties, company events and other special celebrations.

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Catering In The Tallahassee Area

The Canopy Rose Latkes "Bar" is a popular action food station for North Florida and South Georgia Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs.

Traditional potato pancakes are sauteed in oil and accompanied by an assortment of delicious and favorite toppings. A sample of some popular toppings include:

Chunky Apple Sauce
Sour Cream
Fresh Tomato Salsa
Smoked Salmon
Horseradish Cream
& other favorites

For more food ideas visit or call the offices of Canopy Rose at 850-539-7750 for a custom-designed menu.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Skip The Dressing and Go With A Splash of Citrus

There is nothing like a splash of fresh Florida citrus on your salads, vegetables and local catch-of-the-day.

For the health and diet-conscious, Tallahassee area caterer Canopy Rose, offers fragrant, delicious and innovative fruity splashes that are popping in flavor.

While many say that the Canopy Rose Sweet and Jazzy Dressing is the best salad dressing they have ever put in their mouth, it is a splurge - A DELICIOUS SPLURGE that everyone seems to love and request over and over again.

But it is possible to request a different salad dressing to accompany your salad selection from the amazing list of salads of the Canopy Rose catering menu!

As far as salad selections in the capital region, Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company has the most extensive list of salad options plus an almost unlimited list of custom-designed seasonal salad masterpieces.

Need catering? Call Canopy Rose today at 850-539-7750. You'll be glad you did! The culinary expertise and passion pops with every detail and every bite of a Canopy Rose catered event.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Local Caterer Offers Delicious Lo-Carb, Vegetarian, Kosher and Diabetic Foods

You can have your cake and eat it too when you hire Canopy Rose to cater your function.

Simply alert us when you contact us that you are in need of lo-carb, vegetarian, kosher or diabetic food selections and we will take extra precautions to design a menu and prepare food that meets your specific dietary restrictions.

Looking for food of a particular ethnicity? Just ASK! We love to create interesting international dishes as much as we love to create the regional tried-and-true fare of North Florida, The Gulf Coast and South Georgia.

Canopy Rose is an amazingly versatile catering operation with culinary expertise second to none!

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Tallahassee Area Business-To-Business Catered Food Solutions

This Tallahassee area catering firm offers a delicious variety of Business to Business solutions during the work week

Sales and Training Seminars - Catered Hot Breakfasts, Continental Breakfasts, Mid-Morning Refreshment Breaks, Hot and Cold Lunch Buffets, Boxed Luncheons , Afternoon Refreshment Breaks

Sales Meetings and Presentations - Themed Breakfasts, Luncheon and Dinners

Strategy Sessions - Innovative Food Snacks and Stations, Power Bar Station

Corporate Celebrations and Special Occasions - Fabulous Hors D'oeuvres and Dinners

Company Holiday Parties - Elegant Soirees Catered by Canopy Rose

Civic and Governmental Affairs - Late Afternoon and Early Evening Cocktail Receptions

Educational Seminars - Boxed Breakfasts, Boxed Lunches

Recruitment Events - Dessert Stations

Executive Dinners - Fancy Dinners Fit For A King

Trade Shows - Snack Foods, Food Stations, Box Lunches, Continental Breakfasts, Coffee Stations, Morning or Afternoon Breaks For Hospitality Booths, Tables, Rooms and Suites

Political Campaigns - Campaign Platters for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Deli Trays, Salad Trays, Sandwiches, Chips, Cookies and Dessert Bars

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Capital Area Caterer Adds Veal Oscar To New Catering Menu

Veal Oscar, that exquisite entree (literally) fit for a King has been added to the exciting new catering menu of Tallahassee area caterer, Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company.

Actually Veal Oscar was created and named for a King over 100 years ago! Want to know more ... pull out your history books and read up on Sweden's King Oscar II.

If Veal Oscar was good enough for a King, it will surely be good enough for a President-In-The Making, A Governor, A Senator, A Legislator or A Lobbyist in Florida's beautiful capitol city.

Pan sauteed veal is topped with blanched asparagus and king crab then drizzled with fresh Tarragon-Champagne Bearnaise Sauce.

Delicious! Just don't eat it everyday or you'll need to buy bigger pants!

For more exquisite food visit the Canopy Rose website at

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Tallahassee Area Caterer Adds Chateaubriand To Catering Menu

Among the most extravagant dinner entrees is the exceptional and luxurious tasting Chateaubriand.

This center cut of the beef tenderloin has earned a reputation as being among the finest and the priciest of all meats.

Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company is pleased to offer our delicious Chateaubriand to discriminating palates.

Chateaubriand is the perfect star of holiday dinner parties, indulgent wedding receptions, gala black tie events and memorable once in a lifetime occasions.

For more delicious and extravagant party fare we invite you to visit our website at www dot canopy rose dot com where we offer a delicious balance of affordable cuisine to over-the-top culinary masterpieces.

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Catering Host / Guest Survey

Canopy Rose believes that exceptional customer service is paramount.

The highest priority of this catering company is to provide our clients with exceptional service, delicious food, beautiful presentations and perfectly executed event orchestration.

In order for us to serve you and future guests in the absolute best possible manner we would like to ask you to provide us some feedback regarding your experience with us.

Naturally the level of services offered by Canopy Rose varies greatly from job to job. On one side of the continuum of services we have small ala carte orders that are picked up at our culinary arts studio or light corporate meals that are dropped off at nearby business offices and on the other side of the continuum we have full service catering with event orchestration, staff, entertainment, and the works. Obviously we can't compare a $75,000.00 event to $750.00 one!! So please keep the type / budgetary requirements of the event under consideration as you offer your feedback.

Your candid feedback is truly invaluable to us! Thank you for helping us!

Your Name:

Your Address:

Your Phone Number:

Your E-Mail Address:

Your Organization:

Type of Canopy Rose Event You Attended:

Date of Canopy Rose Event You Attended:

Name of Function/ Host:

Please grade each of the following questions based on the following numeric:
1= Poor
2= Fair
3= Average
4= Above Average
5= Exceptional

1. How would you rate the quality of the food that was served at the event?

2. How would you rate the taste of the food that was served at the event?

3. How would you rate the way the food was presented at the event?

4. How would rate the temperature of the food? Was it served at the appropriate temperature?

5. How would you score the staff? Did the staff represent Canopy Rose in a professional manner?
6. Was the delivery punctual?

7. How would you rate your overall experience with Canopy Rose?

8. Would you recommend Canopy Rose to family, friends and business associates in the future?

9. Please feel free to comment or make suggestions on how Canopy Rose could improve:

Please copy, cut and paste and return to

Thank You! Kathi Dameron, Chef/ Owner Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company

An Autumn Lunch or Dinner Menu

Here is a delicious lunch / dinner menu that just stirred across my imagination while dreaming about the cooler autumn days to come.

This menu would be perfect for home entertaining. Did you know that we are North Florida's and South Georgia's best kept secret strategy for hostessing fabulous parties?

Your secret will be safe with us! We will never tell a soul that you didn't cook the food yourself!

If you desire we will even prepare the food in your dishes. Simply drop off your dishes at Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company in historic downtown Havana, Florida several days before your party. Of course, you would need to be on our calendar first! So give us a call at 850-539-7750 as early as possible to reserve your party.

Mixed Greens with Autumn Fruits, Gorgonzola Crumbles & Pumpkin Seed Brittle

Salad Dressing
Your choice of either Canopy Rose Sweet and Jazzy Dressing or Canopy Rose Spiced Tangerine Vinaigrette

Curried Chicken in Phyllo with Golden Raisins and Apple Pear Chutney

Pumpkin Bread

Apple Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream
Autumn Pumpkin Roll with Maple Cream Cheese Filling

For more fabulous food ideas visit our website.

A Pan-Asian Dinner Party Theme By Canopy Rose

Pull out the blue and white porcelain, touches of red silk and chopsticks for an Asian themed buffet supper party!

Why not treat your guests to a delicious Pan-Asian Dinner Party this year? This fun theme menu is offered by Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company.

Sesame Lamb Wontons with Fancy Dipping Sauce

Lettuce Cups with Thai Chicken with Roasted Peanuts

Oriental Cucumber Boats

Spinach Salad with Canopy Rose Sweet & Jazzy Dressing

Oriental Shrimp and Snow Peas Salad

Mu Shu Pork with Mandarin Pancakes

Mandarin Beef

Almond Cookies, Fortune Cookies, Fresh Fruit and Hot Tea

Popular Holiday Hors D'oeuvres For Your Party

Popular Holiday Stationary Hors D'oeuvres Displays

The Canopy Rose Antipasto ‘Tuscan Table’
Assorted Gourmet Marinated Cheeses, Cured Meats, Vegetables and Sun-Dried Specialties

International Cheese Board Display
Imported & Domestic varieties, assorted crackers, flatbreads & grapes

Canopy Rose Bruschetta Station
Guests build their own crostini with a fun collection of delicious toppings

Iced Gulf Coast Shrimp Station with Fancy Canopy Rose Dipping Sauce
What is a party in Tallahassee without the quintessential Iced Gulf Coast Shrimp? Our fresh shrimp comes from nearby Apalachicola Bay. Other options are available on request.

Tapas Bar Display
Inventive morsels perfect for nibbling, grazing and socializing

Please see for more great ideas for your catered party.

Let The Good Times Roll with a Mardis Gras, Cajun or New Orleans Themed Party

Mardis Gras, Cajun and New Orleans menu suggestions from Canopy Rose.

Hors D' oeuvres and Appetizers:
Spicy Baked Shrimp

Stuffed Artichoke Bottoms

Oysters Rockefeller

Shrimp and Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

Marinated Shrimp

Escargot Aux Champignons (in Mushroom Caps)

Cajun Crab Cakes

Crawfish Dip


Cajun Seafood Gumbo with Andouille Sausage

Corn and Shrimp Soup

Oyster and Artichoke Chowder

Cream of Leek Chantilly

Scallop Chowder

Seafood Gumbo with Okra


Sausage Bread

Spicy Tasso and Cheese Cornbread

Spicy Tasso, Crawfish and Cheddar Cheese Cornbread

Sweet Potato Biscuits

Salads & Sides

Swamp Salad

Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Sausage

Please See Our Extensive List of Salad & Side Selections at canopyrose dot com


Chicken and Tasso Jambalaya
Chicken Breasts with Potato Stuffing
Shrimp & Scallop Jambalaya
Trout with Oyster Stuffing
Crayfish Etouffeé
Muffuletta Sandwich
Jumbo Prawns with Oyster/Crabmeat Stuffing
Chicken & Andouille Gumbo
Chicken & Sausage Etouffeé


Bananas Foster
Kahlua Pecan Pie
Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce
Crepes a la Orange
Cherries Jubilee

Please see the Canopy Rose menu for additional food ideas. Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Catering Menus For Corporate Event Planners

Corporate Event Planners will love the ease, flexibility and mix and match nature of the new Canopy Rose Catering menu at canopy rose dot com.

This event coordinator's resource puts menus, themes, prices and catering packages right at the event planner's fingertips 24/7.

The simplicity is great because the event planner no longer has to wait for a caterer to dream up a few customized menus or fax, e-mail or mail a hard copy catering menu to them.

Usually when someone calls about catering, they want to see catering menus right at the moment that they call. They typically don't want to wait several hours, several days and certainly not several weeks to look at menus and guage prices.

Canopy Rose has provided delicious food service solutions that will accommodate a range of different budgets.

For large events with lean budgets, Canopy Rose offers customizable packages that begin as low as $10.00 per person.

For events where perhaps only partial catering is required, catering clients will find an extraordinary line up of beautifully presented and delicious tasting ala carte selections, food station options, and even classes that teach How To Self-Cater Your Own Event.

For events where hosts want to truly indulge their guests, the variety of creative, exquisite- tasting food possibilities is second to none! Canopy Rose thrives on artistic, seasonal interpretations.

All of our food is hand crafted the old-fashioned way in our own licensed and insured catering kitchen. We only use the freshest and highest quality ingredients and because we create everything ourselves- we can tweak our recipes to modify any ingredient. If a client is allergic to something- we will simply eliminate that ingredient from the food we are creating for that event.

Please keep in mind that Canopy Rose is a highly versatile caterer and we can cook just about anything. So if you don't see it on the menu- please ASK! We love custom designing the perfect menu to fit the event, season, taste preferences of the host and guests in attendance and budgetary concerns.

Smart catering clients will want to bookmark this website and come back often!

Questions? Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Food For Your Tallahassee Tailgate Party

F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E !!!

F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E !!!


Score a touchdown this season with the festive party foods from Canopy Rose!

Whether you need just a few great party trays or a complete full-service catered event for 2000 guests--- Canopy Rose Catering can help you! Visit for menus, packages and prices.

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Food For Your Tallahassee Area Casino Night Party

Baccarat, Monte Carlo, Casino Royale or Vegas - call them what you will, Casino Nights are a popular theme for Tallahassee area parties.

Reminiscent of the popular James Bond movies of the 1960's, the mood is high energy, the attire is fashionable, and the food is fabulous.

Get your casino party rolling with custom-designed full-service catering or party platters to-go from Canopy Rose!

We offer exquisite appetizers, salads, side dishes, entrees and decadent desserts to compliment the theme of your party.

For menu ideas visit

Need bartenders, serving staff, onsite chef attended food stations, party rentals, venue rental, tables, chairs, specialty linens or event design services? We can help you coordinate everything through our team of party vendors!

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Is Your Caterer Licensed and Insured?

One of the first things that corporate party planners, office managers, brides and grooms and anyone who is entrusted with the responsibility of hiring a caterer needs to do- is to find out if the caterer that they are interested in hiring holds a current DBPR license and a certificate of insurance.

In the state of Florida, the caterer's license should be with the Department of Business of Professional Regulation (DBPR).

Caterers should carry a minimum 1 million dollar insurance policy.

Protect your guests by choosing a reputable licensed and insured caterer for your upcoming event.

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Canopy Rose Brings Unlimited Catering Options To The Tallahassee Market

Imagine a cocktail reception where guests are served beautiful, elegant bites of fancy dinner entrees.

One of the options that Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company, the popular Tallahassee, Florida area caterer offers to its clients is the Canopy Rose Dinner-By-The-Bite Cocktail Reception Party.

Instead of the standard frou-frou canapes, Canopy Rose will set up chef-manned action stations and / or butlered tray service of actual dinner bites.

It's a fabulous concept that your guests will love!

By using porcelain (or high-gloss black plastic) oversize Chinese soup spoons, scallop shells, shot glasses, edible shells and other small creative holders, Canopy Rose is able to provide bite-size portions of fabulous food that usually is reserved for plated or buffet dinner parties.

Most anything that is on the Canopy Rose menus can be tweaked and served in bite-size portions! Naturally the price per person is significantly reduced if the guest will not be consuming a full dinner size portion of the food item.

For personal assistance with designing a Canopy Rose Dinner-By-The Bite Cocktail Party Menu- please call Canopy Rose at 850-539-7750 and ask to talk with Kathi. Or visit Canopy Rose on the internet at We can also be reached via e-mail at

Of course, Canopy Rose also offers, traditional, frou-frou and contemporary appetizers, hors d'oeurves and first courses.

Banquet, Wedding Reception, Party and Meeting Facilities In Florida's Capital Region

Shopping for a North Florida banquet facility for your company meeting, holiday party, lunch and learn, wedding reception, rehearsal dinner or other special event? Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Here are several of our local venues that can be rented.

AIA Florida, Tallahassee ~ Seating capacity for 17 people

American Legion Hall, Tallahassee ~ Seating capacity for 250 people

Bradley's Pond - 299

Brokaw-McDougal House - 200 (A nice setting in a stately old historic home near downtown Tallahassee. For larger groups think about tenting the grounds. The dining room and adjoining rooms are perfect for elegant plated dinner parties or use the dining room to stage a gorgeous supper buffet.)

Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio & Catering Company ( A great setting in a historic bank building in the quaint historic district of downtown Havana, Florida. Lunch and learn workshops, classes, corporate team building cooking classes, small meetings and small intimate receptions. Havana is a short jaunt from Tallahassee and is a popular weekend destination for antiquing, gallery hopping, taking fun classes and picking up pre-ordered gourmet specialty foods from Canopy Rose Catering. )

The Havana Cannery - 300 (A unique setting for all sorts of events in the quaint and historic town of Havana, Florida. Havana

Old Capitol Museum - 300 (The perfect setting for legislative receptions.)

Center For Economic and Workforce Development - 350

Tallahassee City Hall - Check with the City Hall

Challenger Learning Center - 287

Coulson Plantation - 200

Cross Creek Driving Range - 380

Datamaxx - 60

Dorothy B. Oven Park - 180 (One of Tallahassee's premier wedding, holiday and special event venues! The lighting is magical. Book EARLY!!!!!)

Elks Lodge - 600

Florida National Guard Armory - 600 (Because of it's size the armory has been a popular venue in the past for very large galas. Plan on having extensive pre-event decorating done to create a festive environment.)

FSU Alumni Center - 380

Gin Creek - (Beautiful facility in South Georgia for dream weddings and other special celebrations. Horse Drawn Carriage Rides! Brides and grooms can rent honeymoon cottage, too!)

Goodwood Museum & Gardens - 70 inside, several hundred tented outdoors (Beautiful setting for Tallahassee weddings!)

Governor's Inn - Tallahassee Room 30 / Board Room 10 (Excellent proximity to the Florida Capitol. See the Drop off Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Break and Dinner Options Available through Canopy Rose. )

LeMoyne Art Gallery - 300 (The Scuplture Garden is a great setting for a cocktail reception!)

LandMark Systems - 17

Mary Brogan Museum - 600 (Nice downtown Tallahassee location for cocktail parties, especially during the Florida legislative session. See the cocktail reception packages, Dinner-By The-Bite cocktail receptions, pick your appetizers and other favorite gourmet food specialties available from Canopy Rose Catering.)

Mission San Luis -50 ( A taste of history!)

Monticello Opera House - 200 (Lovely setting in downtown Monticello.)

The Moon - 900

North Florida Fairgrounds - 900 x 5 buildings Why not stage a spectacular special event?

Oglesby Student Union FSU (Florida State University Campus) - 2500 Union Green

PebbleHill Plantation (Premier wedding location for North Florida and South Georgia brides and grooms. Located near Thomasville, Georgia.)

R.A. Gray Building - 300 (Favorite location for soirees in a setting of art exhibits.)

Southwood House and Cottage - 85-180 on first floor and porch for a stand-up reception. 250 outside for a tented affair on the grounds.

St. Francis of Assissi Episcopal Church - 300 (Located on Old Bainbridge Road near Fred George in Tallahassee.)

Seminole Reservation FSU - 50 (Great setting for small retreats!)

Steinhatchee Landing Resort - 100 A bit of a jaunt!

Tallahassee Automobile Museum - 350

Tallahassee Builders Association - 450

TCC Capitol Center - 200

Tallahassee - Leon County Civic Center - 13, 800

Tallahassee Museum - 100

University Center Club - 300

White Dog Farms - 50

The Winery - 75

Find banquet & reception menus, packages, price lists, catering services and much more for your North Florida, Gulf Coast and South Georgia special occasion at

Suggested Caterer & Event Designer:
Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio & Catering Company

Tallahassee Area Catering ~ Canopy Rose Cocktail Bites

The following cocktail bites cost $2.50 per person / min. order 50 people
These are perfect for Tallahassee wedding receptions...and represent the type of appetizers that are offered in the reception packages that can be found along the right side of the website.

Partial Listing...

Asparagus Rolls

Hot Artichoke Dip

Chutney Cheese Torte

Spinach and Cheese Squares

Cheese Krispies

Crab Quiche Bites

Cucumber Sandwiches

Stuffed Mushrooms

Sweet and Jazzy Chicken Wings

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Celebrate The Holidays in Style!

Celebrate the holidays in style this year with a Canopy Rose Holiday Feast.

Choose from a list of Holiday Packages or let's custom create an event just for you and your guests.

From Holiday Buffet Breakfasts & Luncheons At The Office to Elegant Weekend Soirees...

We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Tallahassee Catering Packages, Menus and Price Lists

An Elegant Plated Sit-Down Dinner
A Fun Cocktail/ Dinner Party with Great Action Stations & Entertainment
An Indulgent and Leisurely Luncheon During The Work Week
A Special Custom-Designed Out-of-The-Box Themed Soiree on a Friday or Saturday Evening
A Beautiful Breakfast With All The Trimmings & A Surprise Visit From Santa Claus
A Festive BBQ
With the 2008 holidays just around the corner, holiday party planners are busy reviewing different party options.

Will this year's office party be held at in the office, a restaurant, a popular Tallahassee area venue or the home of a colleague?

What types of food will be served this year? What sort of setting will the party take place in?

For great ideas, menus and party packages visit

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Send Your FSU Student A Care Package From Canopy Rose

As a college student, care packages are tangible reminders of love and a great way for the recipient to make LOTS of new friends.

There is such a buzz in the air when the package of edible goodies arrives.

This year, let Canopy Rose cook up your care packages for you!

How about sending a monthly package to your son or daughter?

For more information about Canopy Rose Care Packages visit or ring us up at 850-539-7750. We will be happy to create the perfect care package(s) for your loved one!

Don't forget to ask about a CARE Package Program!

Canopy Rose Cookie Baskets

Everyone loves cookies. It really doesn't matter what time of year or what the occasion is, cookies are always popular.

For a special gift why not send a Canopy Rose Cookie Basket?

Our cookies are all hand-crafted in our licensed commercial kitchen in historic downtown Havana, Florida. We are a short jaunt to Tallahassee, where we do the majority of our catering.

We also cater and deliver our specialty gourmet foods throughout the capital region, North Florida and South Georgia.

Perfect opportunities to send homemade cookies:
1. A treat for an office, family or care package for students away from home in a college dormitory.
2. Welcome, Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Family Reunion, Tailgating, and Holiday Parties.
3. Get Well or Condolence.

Visit www.canopyrose to learn more about the specialty foods available from Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company.

Questions? We can be reached at 850-539-7750.

Save These Dates For September Classes at Canopy Rose

Save these September dates for classes at Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 ~ 7:00 to 8:30 PM
Natural Ferments with Jill Welch
Sponsored By New Leaf Market from Tallahassee
Class Location: Havana, Florida

Thursday, September 18, 2008 ~ 7:00 to 8:30 PM
Juicing For Longevity with Wendy Creel
Sponsored By New Leaf Market from Tallahassee
Class Location: Havana, Florida

For more information about cooking classes, special events, ordering specialty foods, and catering contact Canopy Rose at 850-539-7750.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What are capers?

Question: I was reading your catering menu and noticed the term capers. What are capers?

Answer: Good question! The Food Lover's Companion, the wonderful little comprehensive resource book of over 3000 food, wine and culinary terms defined capers as:

"The flower bud of a bush native to the Mediterranean and parts of Asia. The small buds are picked, sun-dried and then pickled in a vinegar brine. Capers range in size from the petite nonpareil variety from Southern France to those from Italy. The pungent flavor of capers lends piquancy to many sauces and condiments, they're also used as a garnish for meat and vegetable dishes."

In my catering, capers show up in several dishes. In my home kitchen, I also keep a rather large jar of capers in the refrigerator. I love to add capers to fish entrees, exquisite sauces and everyday white albacore tuna paninis.

Find capers on your grocery store shelves in teeny-weeny bottles or buy them a chunky-sized jar at the new Tallahassee Costco.

For Specialty Food Products, Cooking Classes, Recipes and Catering Options visit

Monday, September 1, 2008

A North Florida Oyster Roast

Why not treat your guests to a fun North Florida Oyster Roast this fall-winter?

This party is perfect for college football tailgate parties, engagement parties, Thanksgiving get togethers, Christmas parties, New Years Eve or New Years Day Soirees and Super Bowl Festivities.

Begin with mugs of our delicious homemade Appalachicola Oyster Chowder, roasted oysters and some passed hors d'oeuvres.

For the entree...more oysters, some Gulf Coast seafood, perhaps a surf and turf entree, roasted red skin potatoes, corn-on-the cob, cheddar cheese corn bread and decadent desserts.

Yum!! Add a bombfire or outdoor fireplace or fire pit and you've got the makings for a great party- Tallahassee style.

Suggested Caterer: Canopy Rose

Contact Person: Kathi Dameron

Phone: 850-539-7750


Catering Website:

Availability: Call as early as possible to book your event. This caterer gets very busy!

Where To Find Chocolate Covered Strawberries In The Tallahassee Area

I'm starting to plan my Tallahassee wedding reception and I am looking for a caterer that knows how to make chocolate covered strawberries. Who should I call?

Canopy Rose makes great chocolate-dipped strawberries. Not only are they beautiful to behold, they taste simply divine! Visit the Canopy Rose website at for an amazing collection of ideas for your wedding festivities.

Canopy Rose also makes some wonderfull whimsical chocolate covered strawberry displays.

One of our favorites is Kathi's White Chocolate Dipped Strawberry, Red Rose and Truffle Tree Forest. For a Christmas wedding this is the perfect tablescape for a decadent dessert buffet.

In the springtime, Kathi makes beautiful topiaries with white chocolate-dipped fruits, fresh herbs and flowing ribbons that complement the wedding colors.

Suggested Caterer For Brides:
Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company
Serving Tallahassee - Havana, North Florida, South Georgia, Gulf Coast Beaches

Parties By Canopy Rose: A Romantic 40's Style Supper Club

Looking for a fun theme for your next party? Why not let Kathi Dameron and the Canopy Rose Team help you stage a 1940's Style Supper Club?

Caterer: Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company - very, very creative company! Great ideas, beautiful presentations, delicious food!

Telephone: 850-539-7750

E-Mail Address:


Location: Tallahassee - Havana Florida (Serving the counties of Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson, Madison, Wakulla, Franklin, Gulf, Liberty, Calhoun, Jackn, Washington, Bay, Walton and in south Georgia Thomas County, Decatur County, Grady County, Seminole County, Miller County, Mitchell County, Colquitt County, Brooks County.

Amuse-Bouche In Tallahassee From Canopy Rose

Question: What is Amuse-Bouche?

Answer: Amuse Bouche are wonderful little bites that preceed a catered meal. They are often served on interesting little plates, in demitasse cups or on the popular oversized Chinese-style soup spoons.

Question: Where can I order Amuse-Bouche in the Tallahassee area?

Answer: Contact Canopy Rose at 850-539-775o or at Canopy Rose will custom design the perfect Amuse Bouche for your wedding reception, holiday party or black tie gala.

Question: Does Canopy Rose have a website?

Answer: Yes! Canopy Rose has a great website with extensive menus and prices at In addition to the many listed items that you will see on the menu, Chef/Owner Kathi Dameron is a culinary artist with a passion for whipping up delicious seasonally-inspired culinary masterpieces.

Pick Your Bread & Spread

Bread of the Day 1.00

French Bread Baguette Rounds 1.00

Garlic Bread 1.25

Pita Bread 1.50

Corn Bread with Green Chilies and Cheese 2.95

Honey-Jalapeno Corn Bread 2.95

Salsa and Cheese Bread Ole! 2.95

French Bread with Chevre, Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Chives 2.95

Strawberry Streusel Muffins 3.95

Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffins 3.95

Prize Winning Caraway Onion Puffs 3.95

Phyllo Cheese Straws with Pesto 4.95

French Bread w/ Pesto, Feta Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Olives 4.95

Bohemian Oyster French Bread Loaf 7.95

Butter .25

Herbal Butter .75

Tuscany Cheese Spread 2.95

Hummus 2.95

Spinach Dip 3.95

Catering Menus and Price Lists

Ask about our K.I.S. Catering Specials Starting at $14.95 per person (the perfect option for the budget savvy.)

Our extensive mix and match catering menus follow. Simply click on each category on the top right side of the website, to pull up a list of options.

For those seeking a turn-key catering solution.... our catering packages for receptions, banquets and holidays are simply perfect. These catering packages are also listed along the right side of the website.

For those looking for a highly original menu and theme for their event- Canopy Rose Catering's creativity and ability to create the WOW Factor is legendary! Don't miss the section on our unique catering stations for a taste of the fun of having a Canopy Rose Catered Event!

Weddings and Special Events By Canopy Rose

We really enjoy custom designing your catering for each different event and prefer to talk over the phone, communicate by e-mail or meet in person over a cup of coffee. Please make an appointment with Kathi Bess to discuss your Party and Catering needs. Call 850-539-7750 or email us at

Monthly Catering Special

Make sure and ask us about any catering specials we are running for the month.

The specials are a great way to treat your office, family and friends to the delicious foods of Canopy Rose.

Our catering specials are also a delicious solution for shoestring budgets! They include an entree, salad, crackers or bread. $10.00 p/p light portion / $15.00 p/p hearty portion

Have a big group and a small budget? Don't hesitate to ask us to help you. Canopy Rose is very creative in providing affordable, cost-effective catering solutions.

Kathi Wins Writing Award

Canopy Rose owner, Kathi Dameron has won the 2nd Place Award in the Newspaper Article Category at the 2008 Southern Christian Writer's Conference in Tuscaloosa, Alabama for her article, Simple Act of Sharing Food Can Truly Bring People Together. This article appeared in the Northeast Chronicle - Tallahassee Democrat during the spring of 2008 in the Entertaining with Kathi column.

Grand Prize Winner In Cooking Contest

The year was 1987 when Kathi Dameron, a passionate gourmet cook who spent her days teaching 32 second graders, and her weekends hosting fun parties for her circle of friends at her waterfront home on Florida's North Hutchinson Island, won two prizes in the first cooking contest she ever entered. One of these prizes was the coveted Grand Prize. At that moment Kathi knew that one day in the not too distant future her special dream to launch her very own catering company would be realized. Seven years later that day arrived with the birth of Canopy Rose in Florida's Capital City in 1994.

What's Cooking At Canopy Rose?

More fabulous ideas from Canopy Rose Culinary Arts Studio and Catering Company. We invite you to read on...

Canopy Rose Booking Information

We are delighted that you are interested in booking the services of Canopy Rose! The process is very simple!

Simply call 850-539-7750 (office) or 850-228-0583 (cellular)
(If you should get the voice mail, please leave a message and we will return your call asap.) or send us an e-mail to

In order to best serve you we will need to know the following details:

1. The date, time and location of your event

2. The number of anticipated guests

3. The type of event (ie: office luncheon, wedding reception, holiday party, small private dinner party in your home, legislative cocktail party, etc.)

4. A description of the food, services and catering budget you have in mind.